Elizabeth Rosen
Elizabeth Rosen is an amazingly prolific artist who simultaneously manages a bustling home life with her wonderful husband, son, and family dog while also contributing an abundance of graphic design and mom-time to the local PTA. Here is how Elizabeth describes it all: “I used to confound my wonderful agents, Vicki and Gail because of the various styles and mediums I work with. (They are pretty much used to it now, almost 12 years later!) My degree is from Parsons school of Design (ok, with honors) in Communication Design. I came into illustration by illustrating my own design pieces. As with design- I like to communicate the essence of a project with art that seems like a good fit. A CD portrait I did of Notorious B.I.G. was created in rough collage and spray paint. A piece about Levi Strauss was sewn and painted on denim. Regardless of medium, my work is almost always graphic, energetic, and colorful! I live in Woodstock NY now, after 20 years in NYC and a few in Asia & Australia. I’ve won awards for my illustration and design work. As with mediums, I really enjoy a wide spectrum of projects, be it a children’s book or an edgy urban editorial. I’ve had a one woman show in rotation at NYC’s Zuni (43rd and 9th) for about 14 years.”