Your Weekly Victo Ngai Update

Victo Ngai is a remarkably prolific young woman and as usual, she’s been quite busy – so let’s just consider this entry your one-stop-shop for all things Victo this week!

First and foremost, check out the latest issue of Communication Arts for a wonderful interview with the talented young artist – even after working with her for a few years, your humble blogmistress felt that she had learned something new about the artist. The piece is well-written and illuminating, and those that are fans of Victo’s work will be thrilled. We were very impressed, to say the least.


The artist is everywhere these days, it seems, but for those that would like a little extra Victo in their lives, she is now offering her distinctive artwork on iPhone cases through the site Gelaskins. Take a look here to see her beautiful designs!

Painting Workshop with Patti Mollica

Do you long to paint quickly, boldly and fearlessly? Do you enjoy working en plein air, and perhaps most importantly, would you enjoy working and learning in beautiful Cortona, Italy? Then Patti Mollica’s got quite the experience lined up for you!

Join her in September of 2014 for the learning experience of a lifetime. Just click here to learn about this incredible opportunity…painting in idyllic countrysides, unparalleled Italian cooking and wine…it sounds just incredible.


CQ 35 Winners

Creative Quarterly 35 recently announced its winners, and we are very honored to have two of our artists featured in the upcoming issue!

A huge congratulations to Sylvie Daigneault, who is a “winner”:


And to Paul Garland, who is a “runner-up”:


We shall be sure to alert you should we learn that another artist has been “selected”, “chosen”, “elected,” or “named” (little industry joke).

Congratulations, Sylvie and Paul!

Victo Ngai Graces the Cover of the New York Times Sunday Book Review

As seen in Victo’s original post:

“Family Life- NYT Book Review Cover 

Victo Ngai

This is the second time I illustrated for author Akhil Sharma’s writing. The first one was for his New Yorker short story “We didn’t like him”.  I have always loved the beautiful melanchonia in his work.

Family Life is about an immigrant family from India living in New York, with 2 children. One of the brothers, Birju, suffers from brain damage from a swimming pool accident. This incident not only impairs Birju, but also his parents. They are blinded with grief and neglects to provide the nurture and attention the younger brother Ajay needs. Check out the book review by Sonali Deraniyagala here.

What I tried to capture in this image is how the pool has segregated and orphaned Ajay from the rest of the family. I curl my toes when I am trying to endure something painful, so I added that detail.

Big thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman for this great project! Look for it in the Sunday paper!”



Winter’s Coming (no worries – it’s just the title of Josée Bisaillon’s latest!)

Josée Bisaillon is thrilled to announce that she’s recently completed the artwork for her latest picturebook, “Winter’s Coming” – just in time for spring! Join Lily the snowshoe hare as she explores the environmental shifts that signal the changing seasons.



Josée’s charming collage style is the perfect fit for creating engaging environments, full of palpable textures and adorable critters. Be sure to check out Josée’s first book with Owlkids!


You can check out the original post on Josée’s blog.


DC Comics have teamed up with a surprising cult celebrity in honor of April Fool’s day, creating a special treat for fans and enthusiasts. As USA Today reports, Alfred E Neuman, the infamous MAD Magazine coverboy, will be gracing the covers of 21 DC titles, including Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. The amusing treatments have been created by various artists, including our very own Rick Tulka, and we can’t way to see them! It’s certainly quite the departure from DC’s usual approach.


Be sure to keep an eye out next month!

“Divergent” – IMAX Poster Design by Victo Ngai

Illustrated movie posters increasingly seem to be a thing of the past (and truly, what a shame that is!), but there is no question that a gifted hand will lend a certain caché to a good design. Victo Ngai’s latest piece, created for IMAX® fans of the Summit Entertainment film “Divergent”, does precisely that.


Marking a pivotal moment in the story in which the main characters leap from their old faction and life, the image captures the energy of the film – along with the viewer’s imagination.

(And while we’re bragging, check out this nice write up in USA Today!)

Spot the Differences – Laura Tallardy’s Latest App, Ready for the Holidays!

The talented Laura Tallardy is at it again! Our resident busybee is thrilled to announce that she’s just released her latest app “Find the Differences: Christmas Edition – Family Holiday Puzzle Game for Kids and Adults Illustrated by Wendy Edelson”. Woo!

Wendy Edelson’s elaborate and festive drawings are simply the perfect fit for this fun game – take a peek by clicking here and enjoy the free downloads for all of your I-devices, or come play with the Android version!


And happy holidays!!