Just a Sneaky-Peaky from Paul Garland

Paul Garland reached out to us with some very nice news recently, and we felt inclined to share! From his blog:

“…I’ve just received an email from The Association of Illustrators informing me that my entry to ‘The Prize for Illustration 2015? in association with the London Transport Museum has been successful and will be amongst those exhibited! A big thank you to all of the judges!
Here is a sneak peak at my entry titled ‘Meeting Place’ – just a tiny section, I’ll reveal all at a later date…”

Some may recall that Paul’s wonderful polar bear was honored in the same show last year:

Image copyright Paul Garland:


And here’s a little teaser of this year’s winner…..stay tuned for the full image!

Image copyright Paul Garland:



Mega Huge Super Big Deal from Raul Colon!

Last week we were very eager to share Raul Colon’s wonderful mention in the New York Times Sunday Book Review for “Draw!”, an engaging, wordless storybook that he recently published with the visionary Paula Wiseman of Simon and Schuster.


A nod of approval from the Book Review is quite the acknowledgement in our world, so you can imagine that we were particularly blown away when we learned that Raul has also been selected as one of the Times’ Best Illustrated Books of 2014. Wahoo!

“Every year since 1952, the Book Review has convened an independent panel of judges to select picture books on the basis of artistic merit. The winning books are chosen from among thousands for what is the only annual award of its kind.”

This is a pretty big deal, ladies and gentlemen!

We are incredibly proud of Raul and also grateful to Paula for consistently creating such amazing books with one of our favorite artists.

And if you haven’t check out “Draw!”, perhaps it’s time to learn what all the fuss is about.



Raul Colon’s “Draw!” Celebrated in the New York Times Sunday Book Review

Raul Colon’s latest masterpiece “Draw!” has been receiving some pretty awesome praise from various industry heavy hitters. And just in case you missed it over the weekend, we wanted to gloat a bit: the latest mention comes from none other than the New York Times Sunday Book Review! Here is what they had to say:

“Draw!” tells of a journey as well: the inward journey of an artist’s creativity. A young boy, alone in his room except for his book about Africa and some art supplies (and medicine on the side table, hinting at a stuck-in-bed illness), begins to draw. He is soon transported into his imagination, and as he becomes engrossed in his fantasy African world, Colón’s loose pen-and-ink sketches transform into fully rendered pictures. These images are rich and glowing; one can almost feel the warmth of the sun and the nubby fur of the giraffes. Yet the delicately scratched lines and texture of the colored pencil on paper never let the viewer forget the artist’s hand, creating a lyrical balance of fantasy and reality that is ideal for a book celebrating artistic expression.

The book’s theme of the power of art to befriend, pacify and inspire, while not unique, is still a poignant one. In an author’s note, Colón recalls his own childhood memories of drawing alone in his room. By illustrating this actual experience with sketchy lines that contrast greatly with the fully rendered images of his fantasy, Colón suggests what many artists, writers and, of course, poets know in their own lives: an imaginary world even more fully realized than reality.”

You can check out the review in its original context here, and learn a bit more about this terrific story!

Images by Raul Colon:




MFA Illustration of Visual Essay program at SVA celebrates 30 years with the “Visual Arts Journal” – and Steven Tabbutt!

The MFA Illustration as Visual Essay Program at SVA is celebrating 30 years this fall, and what better way to toast this achievement than by curating a retrospective exhibition at the SVA Chelsea Gallery!

“We Tell Stories” will showcase the works of various boundary-pushing alumni while honoring the program’s tremendous success and influence, and our very own Steven Tabbutt is very excited to share that he has been chosen for inclusion.

The celebration doesn’t stop there, however! “Visual Arts Journal” is also getting in on the action by lauding the program with a color commentary feature in their latest issue while also creating a suite of four covers, each featuring a detail of work by an alumnus. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that Steven’s striking piece “Infest” has been chosen for the fall 2014 cover:


Congratulations, Steven!

A Sneak Peak from Carlo Giambarresi

A recent project from Carlo Giambarresi and LA Ads in Toronto showcases the tremendous power of an effective collaboration. Celebrating the development of a new luxury highrise, the aim was to highlight the distinctive nature of the newest addition to the city’s skyline: in particular, its bright red color.

Carlo used that terrific brain of his to generate a very simple – yet striking – concept, and we have been blown away by its efficacy:


Many thanks to the art director, Coni Kennedy, and we can’t wait to see the next installments of this great project!

The Art and Spark of Children’s Books

The Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco is excited to announce a fun and engaging round table “related to the creativity behind Italian fairytales and the current state of Italian children’s literature” – and our very talented painter, Simona Mulazzani, will be in attendance!

Take a look at their website to learn more, and if you’re in the San Francisco area, be sure to sign up!

Image by Simona Mulazzani



Recognition for Gaby D’Alessandro

Gaby D’Alessandro’s intricate works often make us stop in our tracks – her subtle palette and gorgeous textures create lush images that we can’t help but get lost in. So it is with great enthusiasm that we are able to announce that this beautiful piece was recently “chosen” by Latin American Illustraciòn:

Image by Gaby D’Alessandro:


You can see the image featured in the Latin American Illustraciòn gallery.

And congratulations, Gaby!

Anson Liaw Announces Two Upcoming Exhibitions

Anson Liaw has been invited to participate in two intriguing group exhibitions, and we are very excited to announce the upcoming receptions for “MASS” and “Chroma and Hue”. Toronto residents, get ready to mark your calendars!

Image by Anson Liaw:


“MASS,”  at Gallery M Contemporary, will be particularly interesting to those that appreciate Morgan Gaynin’s look, as Sylvie Daigneault has also been invited to participate (humble hat tip to the coordinators). The show is particularly interesting in that it has committed to allowing the artists to share their worth with complete and total freedom. Organizers have taken the definition of ‘mass’ – “a large body of matter with no definite shape” – and are encouraging these stalwarts to celebrate their contributions to society. The opening will be on Friday, October 3rd, from 7-10. You can learn more by checking out the gallery’s website here.

Image by Anson Liaw:


 And on Saturday, October 11, fans and friends are invited to check out “Chroma and Hue,” a show that’s been created specifically to celebrate our relationships with color. As Anson says, “It is our intention to have people appreciate and celebrate their experiences in the world around them, both past and present, in relation to the idea of color.” The show aims to bring patrons’ focus directly to the use of color and how it is manipulated to create relevant symbols and connections.

Check out Rebellion Gallery and Art Academy for more information.

Image by Anson Liaw:



Pete Ryan’s Screenprint is FLIMSY

Well, of course we don’t mean it quite like that – regular readers should have noticed by now that the blogmistress has a penchant for terrible puns, although admittedly this might be a bit of a *stretch*. So let’s get right to the source of her inspiration – this hilarious new print from Pete Ryan:


Is someone feeling a bit disenchanted with Toronto? It certainly appears so! Pete writes on his Tumblr:

“About 3 years ago I had come up with this idea for a cover i was working on for the Walrus, about how Toronto had failed. Those of us who live in the city want and expect great things, and in terms of transit, leadership, social services (and on and on) Toronto lets us down. I wanted the idea to be…a larger statement on Toronto’s inability to deliver. To no ones surprise this idea was not chosen.”

But thankfully, Pete’s commitment to his artistic vision has triumphed, and he and Jill of Love Headmistress collaborated to create this terrific print.

These fellas have been selling like hotcakes, but you can still get your own for $30! Just send the artist a message: posixpete (@)