A Super Collab Worth Watching

Recently, Jonathan Bartlett debuted his Camofleur collection, and we simply fell in love with this elegant new series of prints and images. The suite of imagery seemed so perfectly suited for various products, so it made our hearts skip a beat when we first saw his collaboration with MODIFYWATCHES. Simultaneously elegant and hip, we find it nearly impossible to pick a favorite combination – what do you think?

Check it out here!



It’s a DRAW OFF! And We’re Rooting for Raul Colon.

Hey NYC! This Saturday, September 19th, come join Raul Colon for an exciting DRAW OFF between some of the picturebook industry’s leading artists!

The event, which constitutes part of the Brooklyn Book Festival’s Children’s Day, will feature artists Kevin Sherry, Kazu Kibuishi, George O’Connor, Aimee Sicuro, Frank Morrison, and our very own Raul Colon – who is very clearly going to win. Spoiler alert!

Be sure to get in on the action and join Raul tomorrow at 3 pm in the NYU Auditorium (located at 5 MetroTech Commons) – and be sure to check out the Book Fair’s Facebook page to learn about this weekend’s other exciting events!


“Camofleur,” by Jonathan Bartlett

When Jonathan Bartlett initially joined forces with Morgan Gaynin, one of the first things he mentioned was his interest in fashion – and working more extensively with that industry’s major players. A phenomenal gig with Ralph Lauren sufficiently whet his whistle and, further inspired to create works that would appeal to buyers, he began work on “Camofleur,” a historically-inspired and painterly interpretation of the classic camouflage patter.

In the artist’s words, Camofleur is “a collection of patterns, illustrated stories, and wearable items inspired by where I grew up and what I like about fashion.” The end result is a gorgeous update on a cool classic – check it out here.


Check out the FULL LENGTH Video from Audible and Victo Ngai!

We recently shared news of a very cool collaboration between the wonderful Victo Ngai and Audible, but this imaginative campaign has gone another step further – check out the FULL length video, which was recently featured on Creativity Online!

Take a moment to meet our lady of the hour, her studio mascot, Dawson, and learn a bit about her inspiration and imagination. Take a look here.

Image by Victo Ngai:


Stories that Surround You – Fabulous New Audible Project with Victo Ngai

Audible recently came up with a wonderful campaign to celebrate their brand while honoring their loyal customers, and the result is just spectacular.

Customers were asked to answer the question, “Where does Audible transport you?” The winning responses are now being brought to life through the vision of talented illustrators like Victo Ngai.

Take a look at her intricate drawing coming to life.

And congratulations on yet another awesome campaign, Victo!

Image by Victo Ngai:


“Belonging” – Upcoming Group Show Featuring Anson Liaw

Anson Liaw’s elaborate drawings are in focus once again as he has been invited to participate in an upcoming exhibition entitled “Belonging,” opening on July 3rd.

“You had me at popcorn?” by Anson Liaw:

You had me at, popcorn__Anson Liaw_low-res image1

The exhibition will focus on the central theme of belonging – our need to seek fulfillment and to feel love and acceptance, and those in the Toronto area should consider checking it out and experiencing the 16 various artists’ interpretations of this very universal theme.

And congratulations on your inclusion in this very cool show, Anson!

Get Ready to Fall in Love with Josée Bisaillon

No, really – love is in the air!

Josée Bisaillon simply made our morning by sharing this charming video in collaboration with the TD Summer Reading Club, a program of Canadian public libraries. In it she discusses her love of books, getting lost in one’s imagination, embracing silliness with her children, and her incredibly handsome cat Monsieur Rémy.

Check it out here!

Image by Josée Bisaillon


Paul Garland Wins the “Prize for Illustration”!

Paul Garland reached out to us with some very exciting news this week, and we are delighted to be able to share it with you. His striking graphic piece, “Meeting Place,” has won the Prize for Illustration, jointly organized by the Association of Illustrators and Transport for London!


Paul’s entry centers on the Greenwich Meridian Line and celebrates this important meeting place. In the words of the artist, “I”ll come from the East as you come from the West to the Prime Meridian, Greenwich and we’ll meet each other at the center of world.”

Posters may be purchased in all sizes here – and congratulations, Paul!

“Apes A-Go-Go!,” Illustrated by A. Richard Allen, Announces its US Invasion!

“Apes A-Go-Go!,” the catchy title from avant garde fashion designer-turned-author Roman Milisic and our very own A. Richard Allen, has been receiving warm praise in the UK for its endearing and wacky narrative.

But our furry friends cannot be contained! No no – in fact, they will be headed stateside, where they will be gracing the shelves of children everywhere. You have been forewarned!

Knopf/Random House has picked up this fun title and is very excited to be releasing it in July. Moreover, we are delighted that the news is spreading quickly, as Kirkus gave “Apes A-Go-Go” a very nice review, which you can read here.

Congratulations, Richard! We can’t wait to see this book on our local shelves!