Pete Ryan’s Screenprint is FLIMSY

Well, of course we don’t mean it quite like that – regular readers should have noticed by now that the blogmistress has a penchant for terrible puns, although admittedly this might be a bit of a *stretch*. So let’s get right to the source of her inspiration – this hilarious new print from Pete Ryan:


Is someone feeling a bit disenchanted with Toronto? It certainly appears so! Pete writes on his Tumblr:

“About 3 years ago I had come up with this idea for a cover i was working on for the Walrus, about how Toronto had failed. Those of us who live in the city want and expect great things, and in terms of transit, leadership, social services (and on and on) Toronto lets us down. I wanted the idea to be…a larger statement on Toronto’s inability to deliver. To no ones surprise this idea was not chosen.”

But thankfully, Pete’s commitment to his artistic vision has triumphed, and he and Jill of Love Headmistress collaborated to create this terrific print.

These fellas have been selling like hotcakes, but you can still get your own for $30! Just send the artist a message: posixpete (@)

Victo Hits 100,000!

Victo Ngai certainly understands a thing or two about how to generate a lot of buzz. How she manages to keep such an up-to-date and engaging blog in addition to her hefty workload is a bit beyond me, but we are certainly impressed by her multitudinous efforts!

And today, she announced that her Tumblr has surpassed 100,000 followers. WOW.

Check it out here – and congratulations, Victo!

Image by Victo Ngai:


HERE IS THE WORLD – Applause for Susan Gal’s Latest

Fans of Susan Gal’s work can easily pinpoint what make it so special – she captures a certain glow and coziness that pulls the viewer into the scene and allows us to feel the joy and affection of her characters.

This warmth makes her a perfect fit for books requiring a gentle touch and a little sensitivity, and the rave reviews for “Here is the World,” a children’s title that focuses on Jewish holidays, are further proof that this talented artist has a beautiful gift that is heightened by her compassion.


Here is what Kirkus had to say in their August 15 issue:

“The year’s range of Jewish holidays and celebrations are presented in this repeating, rhyming chant that features key succinct elements for each. “Here are your parents, with arms open wide./ Here are your siblings, to stand by your side.” Beginning in early fall, Newman carefully chooses a new baby girl’s naming ceremony, not usually represented i other literature, followed by a Shabbat candle lighting, dinner and visit to the synagogue. She then launches into the high holy days of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kuppur, Sukkot and Simhat Torah. Winter leads with Hanukkah, followed by Tu B’Shevat and Purim before the traditional spring celebrations of Passover and Shavuot. An early summer Shabbat picnic brings the year full circle. Bookending this annual list with Shabbat observances reflects the significance the Sabbath holds in Judaism. Gal’s illustrations provide a visual narrative, ending with a first birthday party for the baby named at the outset; the story culminates with her family marveling at the “ever-changing world” and wonder of their child. Charcoal drawings enhanced with digital collage create textured, festive scenes for each of the ceremonial traditions. Backmatter explanations fill out the basics (including the bris, or boys’ welcome ceremony) with a specific craft or activity for each holiday. Both lovely and eminently useful.”


We also came across this wonderful piece from Publisher’s Weekly:

“For an observant Jewish family, a year continually offers cause for celebration – especially when a newly arrived baby sister kicks off the cycle with a naming ceremony: “Here is the rabbi, with blessings to share./ Here is a wish and a hope and a prayer.” The simple couplets, which begin with the repeating phrase “Here is/are,” for a dash of liturgical rhythm, chronicle a year of togetherness in the home, in the synagogue (“open to all”), and in the outdoors: “Here is the shofar, its sound pure and sweet,” she writes about Rosh Hashanah, “Here are some apples and honey to eat.” (In keeping with the lighthearted mood, Yom Kippur is represented by a delicious “break-fast.”) Illustrating the change of seasons, Gal’s charcoal and digital collage images effervesce with cheery colors, moving from the radiant gold, yellows, and reds of autumn to the greens and blues of spring – with a stop in snowy winter for Chanukah, of course. A glossary, crafts ideas, and recipes conclude the book.”


We have always enjoyed working with Susan and are so pleased to hear that her latest title is receiving such wonderful reviews. Congratulations!!

Speakeasy Art Gallery Presents Dave Calver

Residents of New York and New Jersey, take heed: Dave Calver’s army of adorable mutants and creepy crawlies is preparing to invade your neck of the woods!

The Speakeasy Art Gallery of Boonton, NJ is excited to announce a fun new exhibition featuring Dave’s signature mix of whimsy and mischief. Original pencil drawings as well as his awesome sculptural works will be there to delight both young and old, and we invite everyone to explore his fantastical world and engage in the delightful stories he tells.

You may visit the Speakeasy Art Gallery here, and locals take note: the opening reception will be next week, September 5 from 6-9pm.

Congratulations, Dave!


Laura Tallardy – Illustrator Extraordinaire, Animation Superstar, and Conqueror of Physics

The blogmistress is officially tipping her hat to the multi-talented Laura Tallardy – her recent blog post is indeed EPIC, with phenomenal explanations of the processes behind her latest project, “Princess Birthday Party Puzzles” – not to mention a fantastic collection of imagery and gifs to really give the reader a sense of how this massive project ultimately came together. WOW.

Take a look here for a really spectacular behind the scenes – you’ll be so happy that you did!



It seems like everyone has been overtaken by soccer football fever, and we thought that it might be fun to compile some game-related imagery by a few MGI artists who are always on the ball (SORRY!).

So let’s get started, shall we?? It’s game time, and we’d like to present, in no particular order…

Judith Drews:


Valeria Petrone:


Philippe de Kemmeter:





Guido Scarabottolo:


Maurizio Quarello:



Laura Tallardy:



Pete Ryan:PR-01

Anson Liaw:


Josée Bisaillon:


Thanks for having a little fun with us!