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Announcing the 2013 Spectrum Fantastic Art Award Finalists

“Spectrum” is heralded as the leader in Fantasy and Science Fiction work, and the competition for this competition is fierce. For the 2013 Fantastic Art Awards, 5 jurors looked at and evaluated over 6000 entries, only a handful of which will be chosen for the Spectrum Annual, due out next fall.

Today we learned fantastic news, as Victo Ngai is a finalist for yet another gold or silver medal. This girl is on fire!! Victo’s piece, “Best of the Best,” has been nominated in the editorial category, and winners will be announced at Spectrum Live, a weekend-long celebration of fantastic art, in Kansas City, May 17-19th.

You can take a glimpse at the other nominees, along with the judging process, here. And congratulations, Victo – you are in amazing company!

Image Copyright Victo Ngai:


A New Award for “BookSpeak!,” Illustrated by Josée Bisaillon

Josée Bisaillon has received yet another award for her work on “BookSpeak!,” and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Félicitations are in order for her newest accolade from the Cybils Awards, which have been given to only 3 Canadians this year. The Cybils Awards are awarded each year by bloggers for the year’s best children’s and young adult titles. The goal of the Cybils Awards is to reward the children’s and young adult authors and illustrators whose books combine the highest literary merit and bonafide “kid appeal.”

Josée received the honor in the poetry category. Youpi!


100 ILLUSTRATORS, Featuring Dave Calver

Since 2005, the Illustration Now! series has become a compelling staple in the illustration community, having featured 600 talented and diverse illustrators from around the world in four popular volumes. Recently, Taschen has decided to crown the top 100 artists of the series in a new publication entitled “100 ILLUSTRATORS”.

You may remember, back in 2009, that the fabulous Dave Calver was invited to be included in one of the original Illustration Now! volumes (and if you don’t, well go on ahead and refresh yourself by clicking here!).

But now we are so pleased to announce that Dave has been invited to participate in this new ’roundup’ volume curated by the Taschen team and designer extraordinare Steve Heller – we like to think of it as a celebration of the best of the best!

Congratulations on this terrific honor, Dave!

An assortment of some recent Dave Calver works. All images copyright of the artist.





Steven Tabbutt Starts 2013 Off Right

We all have big aspirations for the New Year, but it is clear that Steven Tabbutt is already off to a really strong start – and we couldn’t be happier for him!


Steven recently received word that he is one of 30 nominees for Illustrative Berlin’s Young Illustrators Award, and he has been invited to attend the exhibition this May. Perhaps the competition’s timing was a bit auspicious, as Steven submitted a portfolio with 12 images and learned of his acceptance on his birthday. Fingers crossed that he also learns he’s one of the competition’s 3 winners! You can learn more about the event here.


Additionally, Steven learned that the fine art side of his career has been receiving some exciting attention, as well. His gallery, Yukiko Kawase, has been invited by Volta NY to exhibit a solo show of his work here in Manhattan. Volta NY is an invitational show of artists’ projects and is the American incarnation of the successful young art fair founded in Basel in 2005.


You can keep up with all of these exciting developments on Steven’s site – just click here.

And the Results Are In….

3×3 Magazine recently announced the winners for their Children’s Illustration Annual 9, and we are elated to learn that a few MGIers have been included once again.

“Entries were up this year with over 1,700 entries from 35 countries. Forty-percent of our entries were from outside America, making us a truly international competition. As always there were many fine pieces entered that just missed getting the nod from our judges.”

(Click here to read the official 3×3 Magazine Blog post about the judging process)

So let’s get to the artwork, shall we?

First off, we were so happy to learn that Judith Drews’ illustrations for her adorable book “Lily Loves” received a merit award:






Susan Gal’s darling book “Into the Outdoors” had a few pieces selected for the ‘merit’ category, as well:






And last but certainly not least, we learned that Valeria Petrone had 5 of her works accepted into the merit category:






Did we say “merit?” Additionally, Valeria also took home the Bronze medal in the editorial category. How exciting!





Congratulations to all, and thank you for making us look so good!

Victo Ngai Nabs the Gold!

The carefully curated 3×3 Magazine recently announced the winners for its Annual Pro Show, and we are so thrilled for Victo Ngai, who has taken home the ONLY gold medal this year! What tremendous news.  It seems worth mentioning that this is quite an honor, as the competition was particularly fierce this year:

“In reviewing the voting it looks like this was one of the toughest shows yet. Entries were up but there were fewer medals this year. Judges were  particularly tough on the editorial and self-promotion categories with less than 10% of the entries making it into the show and head-over-heels for the book category, 20% of the entries made the cut—does this say something about the business environment we’re living in today?”

(Click here to learn more about 3×3′s rigorous judging process.)

We are so proud of this talented young woman, and are continuously impressed by the tremendous honors that she continues to receive. As astounding as her roster is, we are confident that there will continue to be many more awards in her future.

Congratulations, Victo!

The winning image:


“American Illustration” Announces this Year’s Winners

The annual “American Illustration” competition acknowledges some of the most cutting-edge illustrations from the previous year, and it is a great honor in our industry to be included in their pages. We are so happy that this year, three of our artists have made it!

Josée Bisaillon’s whimsical image was ‘chosen’ to appear on the juried web gallery:


Valeria Petrone’s bathing beauties were ‘selected’ to appear in the annual:


And Victo Ngai’s awesome conceptual piece will also appear in the book this year:


Congratulations, Ladies!

Fantastique News from Josée Bisaillon

It has been a genuine pleasure to watch Josée Bisaillon’s charming work evolve, and it was a joy to learn that she has received not one, but two fantastic awards in the past week. How nice that the industry thinks she’s as fabulous as we do!

The Great Moon Hoax was recently included in the 2012 edition of Best Children’s Books of the Year by the Children’s Book Committee at the Bankstreet College of Education. The committee looks at over 6000 titles every year and carefully selects the best 600 books based on their literary quality while also considering their emotional impact on children. You can learn more by clicking here.


Additionally, we have learned that Bookspeak! has been honored at this year’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair with a White Raven Award…this is tremendous! The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is one of the premier events in our industry, and this is truly a tremendous accolade. We couldn’t be more proud.


Félicitations, Josée!

The MGI Weekly News Roundup

There has been an awful lot going on behind the scenes, and we have been looking forward to sharing this week’s post with you!

Victo Ngai recently traveled back to her native Hong Kong, where she was selected to receive two silver medals and one judge’s pick for the Second Greater China Illustration Awards – a competition that includes illustrators from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mainland China. She explains that this particular accomplishment means a lot to her, as it is the first time that she has won an award in her homeland. She wrote a little bit about the experience on her wonderful blog, which you can read by clicking here. And congratulations, Miss Victo!! She keeps reeling them in.

Here is Victo, third from the left, bottom row:


The awards:


Victo also received a wonderful acknowledgment from CommunicationArts, which featured a brief interview with the artist, along with some of her works. Take a peek here!

One of Victo Ngai’s featured pieces:


We were also thrilled to receive some very exciting press. Recently, we announced a very high-profile collaboration between Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden and our very own Raul Colon. Dr Biden’s first children’s book, “Don’t Forget, God Bless our Troops” is a touching story told through the eyes of a child dealing with a parent fighting overseas, and we were thrilled to receive an announcement from Publisher’s Weekly celebrating its release (click here). It goes without saying that we are rather confident that we’ll be hearing an awful lot about this book in the months to come.


And finally, we would like to congratulate the MTA’s Arts for Transit program, with whom we have had the joy of collaborating on several occasions. They have just announced the release of the Arts for Transit on Meridian App, a virtual gallery of all of the mosaics, installations, paintings, posters, art cards and more that pepper the lives of New Yorkers every day. Now, wherever you are in the world, you can always enjoy a little piece of NYC. Take a moment to view a little video announcing this interesting development here.

Here is a poster that was created for the MTA by Sylvie Daigneault:


Dave Calver created this beauty for the program:


And a mural created by Raul Colon: