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3×3 Pro Show – Our Winners!

The illustrious 3×3 Pro Show has announced the medalists/winners/champions/heroes of their latest context, and we are very proud to announce that a few talented MGI’ers have been selected/chosen/appointed once again!

René Milot was awarded two “merits”:

RM-Merit-01 RM-Merit-02

 Gaby D’Alessandro was awarded an “honorable mention”:


Paul Garland also received an honorable mention: PG-HonorableMention

And two “merits”:

PG-Merit-01 PG-Merit-02

And last but not least, Valeria Petrone also took home a “merit”:


and – DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! – she was also awarded the GOLD MEDAL!


A huge congratulations to everyone, and also thank you – you always make us look so good!

And the Silver Medal Goes to….

Attendees of this year’s Spectrum Live event were recently treated to the best in fantastic art, and in addition to all of the optic treats we were delighted to learn that Victo Ngai has received the silver medal for her vibrant celebration of the Chinese New Year for Tiger Beer. Huzzah!

This incredible piece became a virtual wallpaper for Singapore, which your intrepid blogmistress can state as fact after having seen it everywhere throughout her February travels. It certainly captured the spirit and energy of the season!

Congratulations on this terrific win, Victo!

CQ 35 Winners

Creative Quarterly 35 recently announced its winners, and we are very honored to have two of our artists featured in the upcoming issue!

A huge congratulations to Sylvie Daigneault, who is a “winner”:


And to Paul Garland, who is a “runner-up”:


We shall be sure to alert you should we learn that another artist has been “selected”, “chosen”, “elected,” or “named” (little industry joke).

Congratulations, Sylvie and Paul!

Silver Medal for Steven Tabbutt!

Last week, Steven Tabbutt blew us away with news of his success at multiple international shows, but it seems we may have made our announcement a bit prematurely – ladies and gentlemen, in addition to supplying the image for publicity surrounding Illustrative Berlin, Steven learned that he also took home the silver medal for his work in the “Young Illustrators Award” category!


Congratulations, Steven!!


Simona Mulazzani Takes the Silver at the 2013 Original Art Show!

Friends and colleagues are certainly accustomed to seeing us mix and mingle at the Society of Illustrators’ annual Original Art Show,  which champions the art of childrens’ book illustration. This year is a little extra exciting for us, however, as Simona Mulazzani will be receiving a silver medal for her work on “I Wish I Had,” a stunning picturebook published by Eerdmans. This is truly an honor, and one of the most prestigious awards a picturebook illustrator can receive.


Congratulations, Simona!

Nice Acknowledgement for Gaby D’Alessandro

It’s always a treat when an email reaches us, boasting about a spectacular find – and it just so happens to be one of our artists!

Gaby D’Alessandro was one of the winners of the first Latin American Ilustración contest, and we were so happy when the newsletter “Dispatches from Latin America” reached our inboxes – the piece was even picked up by American Illustration and posted all over their social media! Describing Gaby’s work, education, inspirations and personal history, it’s a nice window into the talented young artist’s life.

Take a look here – and congratulations, Gaby!


Announcing the 2013 Spectrum Fantastic Art Award Finalists

“Spectrum” is heralded as the leader in Fantasy and Science Fiction work, and the competition for this competition is fierce. For the 2013 Fantastic Art Awards, 5 jurors looked at and evaluated over 6000 entries, only a handful of which will be chosen for the Spectrum Annual, due out next fall.

Today we learned fantastic news, as Victo Ngai is a finalist for yet another gold or silver medal. This girl is on fire!! Victo’s piece, “Best of the Best,” has been nominated in the editorial category, and winners will be announced at Spectrum Live, a weekend-long celebration of fantastic art, in Kansas City, May 17-19th.

You can take a glimpse at the other nominees, along with the judging process, here. And congratulations, Victo – you are in amazing company!

Image Copyright Victo Ngai: