MGI Announces its Brand Spankin New Licensing Division

After a few months of reviewing trends, working extensively developing collections, and collaborating with Laura Tallardy to build an addition to the Morgan Gaynin web site, we are bursting to announce that the MORGAN GAYNIN LICENSING DIVISION is open and ready for business!

Our licensing agent, Sally Ucci, has done a phenomenal job creating a cohesive presentation so clients can readily see how they might utilize each artist’s designs. We are optimistic about our new MGI venture and anticipate that it will have an aesthetic impact on the licensing and surface texture world.

Enjoy a look at our wonderful new site here. Please understand that, due to the nature of the content, we must ask that clients take a moment to sign up with us…but it is quite worth it.

The lovely Sally Ucci:

ucciAnnouncing our announcement:


Anson Liaw Update

Anson Liaw has updated us regarding his “Music by Women” image. We recently announced that it had been accepted for inclusion into the 2010 Xto Image Awards, but it turns out that the piece has finished 2nd and 3rd place in two different illustration categories!

The Xto Image Awards Exhibition will be held at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, from April 1-7, with an opening reception on the 3rd from 7-10 pm. Congratulations Anson!


Laura Tallardy Speaks at SVA

Those familiar with Laura Tallardy’s super cute tween art have probably gotten a sense of her technical sensibilities, but she’s also the kind of gal that’s always got her finger on the pulse. That might explain why the one and only Steve Brodner has asked her to participate in a panel at 7 pm TONIGHT at the SVA Amphitheater (omg girl!). Click here to take a look at Laura’s post, or here for more info. It’s free, so be sure to stop on by!

Laura in the future, today:


MGI Announces the Arrival of Judy Stead

When we first saw Judy Stead’s vibrant work, we were impressed by her versatility. She has created a host of children’s books with adorable characters as well as whimsical, yet sophisticated, adult work. We think Judy is the perfect addition to our group. Be sure to take a look at her distinctive artwork here.

And welcome, Judy!


Anson Liaw Featured on Xto

Anson Liaw’s ‘lyrical’ image has recently been selected for the Xto Image Awards! The Xto Team, which consists of passionate illustration and photography devotees, promotes the creative visualization of the human form. You can take a look at their website here to view Anson’s and other figurative pieces.


Exhibition and Auction for Future Illustrators

Every year, Irene Gallo and Dan Dos Santos organize an exhibition and auction at the Society of Illustrators to raise money for the student scholarship fund. “MicroVisions” has raised $20,000 over the past four years, and after glancing at the lineup of stellar artists, it seems that this benevolent project will continue to enrich the lives of many promising young talents.

Works by some of our industry’s heavy hitters will be on display at the Society April 26th. Take a look at Irene’s fabulous blog, the Art Department, to learn more about this exciting show and the generous participants.


Happy Anniversary

Rick Tulka and his wife Brenda are celebrating their 15 year anniversary with the City of Lights! To commemorate the occasion, the expat culled a wonderful list of reasons why they’ll likely stay for at least 15 more. Take a look here to see what, in no particular order, might delight as much as a French nose.

And Félicitations!


Happy Anniversary to the Jonathan Levine Gallery

The Jonathan LeVine Gallery located here in New York’s Chelsea district is a favorite stop for those with an interest in illustration, DIY approaches, comic books, graffiti, street art and pop culture imagery. And now, they are celebrating their 5 year anniversary with a wonderful group exhibition that is not to be missed. Featuring masterful works by diverse artists such as James Jean, Gary Taxali, Shepard Fairey and Ray Caesar, it looks to be an exciting and thought-provoking show.

Sadly, the opening reception occurred back in February (the writer hangs her head in shame), but you still have an opportunity to view these masterpieces until March 27th. Take a look at their website to learn more.


Maira Kalman Announces First Museum Survey

Maira Kalman’s stream of consciousness works have been a favorite of mine for some time now, so it is a delight to announce that the acclaimed artist will soon have her first museum survey at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. “Various Illuminations (Of a Crazy World)” is an event that is not to be missed! Click here to learn a bit more, and be sure to visit Maira’s popular blog, “And the Pursuit of Happiness.”

image copyright Maira Kalman: