Creative Quarterly 21 Announces Winners

The fine folks at Creative Quarterly 21 have announced their winners, and MGI is proud to announce that we have had 3 of our awesome artists selected for inclusion. High fives!

In the illustration category, we had two winners. Congratulations are in order for Rene Milot:


And Judith Drews:


Additionally, in the fine art category, we have this terrific piece by Lisa Adams, which has been lauded as a ‘runner up’:


Thank you to the talented team at Creative Quarterly, and congratulations to Rene, Judith, and Lisa!

New “Little Fiction” Graphic Wonderment!

The dynamic duo of Zelda Devon and Kurt Huggins have recently released another fantastic mini-comic for science fiction heavyweight, and it is a spooky delight. Entitled “Dear Melissa,” the piece is a dark and delicate letter dealing with the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Awesome!

You can read “Dear Melissa” here. Also, be sure to check out the team’s other comics on “The Dreaded Question,” “The Tempest Wakens,” and “King of an Endless Sky”.


The Peace Project

An international vision of Peace featuring the work of 150 artists from over 25 countries, the Peace Project Mosaic is slated to be unveiled next week Thursday, September 30th, here in the Big Apple.

With our very own Karen Blessen and Gail Gaynin acting as jurors, the work is sure to be dynamic and varied. You can click here to learn more.

Image by Karen Blessen from her book “Peace One Day”:


“Car Noir” Featuring Our Very Own Dave Calver

Those in the Las Vegas area this Thursday, September 23rd, might be excited to hear that there will be a wonderfully quirky opening in their neck of the woods. Entitled “Car Noir,” the exhibition features car themed paintings and prints by an awesome selection of artists – including the lovely Dave Calver. The show will feature images reflecting the artists’ varied and distinctive voices…just check out Dave’s vintage-influenced gem!


Please swing by MIX this Thursday in support of this fun and exciting show. MIX is located in The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard on the 64th floor (rah-sha-sha!). Please be sure to mention the m modern Gallery for free admission.

The Robots are Coming, the Robots are Coming!

Inspired by a love of tin toy robots, sci-fi movies, and retro design, David Lipson creates wonderfully original robots from found materials. Ranging in size from 6 inches to over 2 feet, the metallic army is constructed from random objects old and new, discovered at places like flea markets, recycle shops, or even on your local street corner.


With a delightfully offbeat feel, David’s robots have garnered a lot of attention in the gallery world, and their expressiveness and ability to capture narrative proved to us that he would make a wonderful and distinctive addition to our group of illustrators.


We are thrilled to welcome David as the newest artist at MGI, and invite you to check out his portfolio and say hello.

Three cheers for David Lipson!


Anson Liaw Contributes to Exhibition at SVA

Anson Liaw’s articulate imagery is capable of communicating multiple complex ideas simultaneously, and his recent contribution to the exhibition “Where Is My Vote? Posters for the Green Movement in Iran” proves to be a fantastic example:


This compelling collection of imagery will be on display at SVA until September 25th, with a reception being held tomorrow, September 16th, from 6 to 8 pm. Please come out and support Anson, as well as other artists, that are proud to unite in support of the people of Iran.

You can also click here to watch author, design historian, and MFA Design Department  co-chair Steven Heller discussing this important exhibition.

DIY and ‘Green’ Art Supplies

The concept of “going green” has gained a lot of momentum in the past few decades, but recently, I remembered some great projects from my childhood that really embodied these principles. Do you remember making your own stamps out of a potato? Even at 27, I still think about throwing a tshirt-making party based on this concept.

After a whopping 5 minutes of research, I came across a few sites that I thought might be of interest. For those of us with less time on our hands, the company eco-kids creates quality supplies from natural ingredients and encases them in eco-friendly packaging. You can take a look at them here.

For those that don’t mind tackling a project before a project, you can also take some time to create your own supplies. I thought that this recycled crayon recipe was quite clever and a great way to reuse what you may have lurking at the bottom of your craft drawer, and this recipe for homemade playdough reminded me of sneaking “cupcakes” and little animal heads when my mother wasn’t looking.

I did, however, manage to leave the paint-covered potatoes alone.

Image by Lisa Adams:


Let’s Go to the Met!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of those special places that one can never tire of. Even after years of poking around, there is always a corner that remains unexplored and a piece waiting to be discovered and appreciated, and I always leave feeling satisfied and happy.

So you can imagine how thrilled I am that they have an extensive archive of their collection online. Nothing can really beat the experience of seeing these gems in person, but New Yorkers can’t keep everything to themselves.

You can start browsing here.

Image by Francois Boucher (swoon):


Why Am I Doing This?

The good folks at Escape from Illustration Island recently wrote a wonderful 3 part article about the benefits of blogging, and we thought that they articulated their points so nicely. I certainly know why I blog and why we consider it important at Morgan Gaynin – but perhaps it can be an asset to your business, as well.

With so many ways to promote our work, it can seem daunting, or even pointless. But great things can be accomplished by further connecting with the illustration community, especially when it’s in a venue where the artist takes full control. You can take a look and learn more here.

Image by Mary Lynn Blasutta:


Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day weekend is here, which means so much more than a Monday at home – for many of us it also means roadtrips, time at the beach, barbeques, a few drinks, great friends and family, and one last summer hurrah. Happy Memorial Day from all of us at MGI!

Image by Dave Calver:


Image by Pete Ryan:


Image by Susan Gal:


Image by Lisa Adams:

lrg-711-la-0110-swing_diveImage by Judy Stead:


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