3×3 Pro Show – Our Winners!

The illustrious 3×3 Pro Show has announced the medalists/winners/champions/heroes of their latest context, and we are very proud to announce that a few talented MGI’ers have been selected/chosen/appointed once again!

René Milot was awarded two “merits”:

RM-Merit-01 RM-Merit-02

 Gaby D’Alessandro was awarded an “honorable mention”:


Paul Garland also received an honorable mention: PG-HonorableMention

And two “merits”:

PG-Merit-01 PG-Merit-02

And last but not least, Valeria Petrone also took home a “merit”:


and – DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! – she was also awarded the GOLD MEDAL!


A huge congratulations to everyone, and also thank you – you always make us look so good!

Goodnight, Dadas!

Valeria Petrone’s charming illustrations for children have recently found a new life, as she’s collaborated on an adorable new app, “Good Night, Dadas!” now available on iPhone and iPad.

Our hero, Matthew, wakes up in the middle of the night feeling afraid of the dark. However the “Dadas” – a motley crew of adorable superheroes – are here in the nick of time, ready to save the day!

Take a look here to see additional imagery and take this awesome app for a test spin!


Le Menu by Rick Tulka

Followers of Rick Tulka’s life and work are undoubtedly familiar with the fact that the prolific artist has been a longtime regular of Parisian Brasserie “Le Select,” hanging out at ‘his’ table while sketching other patrons:


So it’s perfectly fitting that the famous establishment would ask Rick to illustrate their new menu:


Oh la la! The new design totally embodies Parisian charm and sophistication – bravo, Rick!

Free Animation Software

What a tremendous opportunity for animators and aspiring animators alike – Pixar has recently announced that it will be releasing its in-house rendering software, RenderMan, to the public for download, free of charge.

RenderMan has been used in the films Toy Story and Wall-E and at $500 a pop for commercial use, this generous release is particularly wonderful news for the starving artist set or the endlessly frugal.

You can learn a bit more at Gizmodo, and be sure to sign up for your free software.

Image by Guido Scarabottolo:


And the Silver Medal Goes to….

Attendees of this year’s Spectrum Live event were recently treated to the best in fantastic art, and in addition to all of the optic treats we were delighted to learn that Victo Ngai has received the silver medal for her vibrant celebration of the Chinese New Year for Tiger Beer. Huzzah!

This incredible piece became a virtual wallpaper for Singapore, which your intrepid blogmistress can state as fact after having seen it everywhere throughout her February travels. It certainly captured the spirit and energy of the season!

Congratulations on this terrific win, Victo!

Remembering Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The world recently lost an amazing artist and inspiring mind – RIP, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

In honor of an amazing life, we wanted to share this lovely interview with the author of “My Name is Gabito,” illustrated by our very own Raul Colon.

“….Márquez was the perfect inspiration for a children’s book because children more than adults perhaps can understand the way the magical and the real exist in one moment.”

Take a look and join us in remembering this beautiful soul.


Your Weekly Victo Ngai Update

Victo Ngai is a remarkably prolific young woman and as usual, she’s been quite busy – so let’s just consider this entry your one-stop-shop for all things Victo this week!

First and foremost, check out the latest issue of Communication Arts for a wonderful interview with the talented young artist – even after working with her for a few years, your humble blogmistress felt that she had learned something new about the artist. The piece is well-written and illuminating, and those that are fans of Victo’s work will be thrilled. We were very impressed, to say the least.


The artist is everywhere these days, it seems, but for those that would like a little extra Victo in their lives, she is now offering her distinctive artwork on iPhone cases through the site Gelaskins. Take a look here to see her beautiful designs!