Dave Calver at Speakeasy Art

Those near Boonton, NJ have a wonderful treat in store for them tonight as Speakeasy Art is celebrating the opening of its most recent show, “Paper or Plastic?”. This group show, whose theme is centered around medium, will showcase a variety of talented artists, including the wonderful Dave Calver – who has also contributed one of his magical 3D pieces!

“Bunny Lady,” copyright Dave Calver

Dave Calver - Bunny Lady

Which will be accompanied, of course, by one of his imaginative and masterful drawings:


Paper AND plastic – that Dave does it all!

Click here for further details, and congratulations, Dave!

ALE+ALE for Le Monde

ALE+ALE were recently asked to use their incredible collage skills to illustrate two pieces for the respected French publication “Le Monde”. Covering coveted awards within the French university system, their energetic work was perfect for capturing the excitement of research and discovery.




A Tribute to New York from Philippe de Kemmeter

Well, a lot has certainly transpired in New York City as of late! We’ve elected the first democratic mayor in a generation, Bill de Blasio, and we’ve lost one of the most iconic rock n rollers this city – and the world – has ever known (RIP, Lou Reed. You are missed).

Philippe de Kemmeter captured these incredible characters in his inimitable style, and they are too fabulous to hide out in our archives.

Check them out!

Bill de Blasio by Philippe de Kemmeter:


Andy Warhol and Lou Reed:


Silver Medal for Steven Tabbutt!

Last week, Steven Tabbutt blew us away with news of his success at multiple international shows, but it seems we may have made our announcement a bit prematurely – ladies and gentlemen, in addition to supplying the image for publicity surrounding Illustrative Berlin, Steven learned that he also took home the silver medal for his work in the “Young Illustrators Award” category!


Congratulations, Steven!!


The Steven Tabbutt Awesomeness Roundup

It seems almost impossible to keep up with Steven Tabbutt and his continued success in the gallery world – his most recent email read more like a novella than a list of accomplishments. But the critically acclaimed artist has been turning heads since he was a student (when he won the 3×3 Student show and first caught Morgan Gaynin’s attention); and as his detailed vision continues to evolve, we are consistently left with a sense of pride….and maybe even a little envy.


Clearly, we are not alone.

Steven’s gallery in Paris, Yukiko Kawase, recently set him up with three international exhibitions, each of which responded beautifully to his most recent suite of work. “Belle en Été” (Paris), “Art Nagoya” (Nagoya, Japan) and “Art of Paper + 1″ (Brussells) were wonderful triumphs for all of the artists involved, and we were thrilled to see that they were also strongly embraced by various members of the cultural community and press.


Steven was also involved in the tremendously popular Illustrative Berlin show “Illustrative 2013″, where over 16,000 visitors took in the work of 200 hand-selected international artists. Steven was further honored, as his piece “Wasp” was used for their press release and promotional poster – which was also sold to attendees to commemorate the event.


 ”Wasp” also received additional praise from the publications “Traffic” and “Object N06″ (the latter of which is in conjunction with the festival). You can also take a peek at these awesome pictures and marvel in the incredible artworks (and the remarkably fashionable and hip attendees!).

Heard enough? Too bad, there’s more! Steven is participating in yet another group exhibition that is slated to open in Hamburg, Germany before taking off on a tour of Europe. “The Gathering” will seek to investigate social traditions while exploring their significance in contemporary culture – all while considering the effects of cyberspace and globalization. Those in Germany are invited to take in the reception, which will be November 15th.


This goes without saying but…..Wow, Steven!

Dave Calver #1 on Huffington Post’s “100 Illustrators You Should Know”!!

Inclusion in Taschen’s “100 Illustrators” is already a tremendous honor – selected from a handpicked list of 600 talented illustrators, Steven Heller and Julius Wiedeman narrowed their selection down even further to include only the best of the best.

So imagine how thrilled we were when the Huffington Post picked up on this exciting book (due out in December), and compiled their own list of favorites that you should know right now – with our very own Dave Calver listed as number 1!!!!

That sounds mighty fine to us. Congratulations, Dave!

Take a look at Huffington Post’s list or enjoy a sneak peek at Dave’s section of the book.

calver1203530306130 calver1412410311130


Halloween Kids Puzzle from Laura Tallardy

Are your kids excited for Halloween?  Do they love pumpkins, black cats, candy and costumes? Then they will love the latest puzzle app from Laura Tallardy – Halloween Kids Puzzles!

In this latest puzzle, perfect for any youngster up to age 6, kids can go trick-or-treating with a friendly Dracula or Frankenstein – and if monsters aren’t quite their speed, they can always meet a fairy princess or a pirate!

All the animals get in on the costume fun- cats dress like dogs, dogs dress like cats, and there’s even a Unicorn Bat!  You can go to a Halloween dance party- get down with the Mummy and do the Robot with a Robot.  Just don’t linger too near the haunted house… there might be ghosts!

Halloween Kids Puzzles has lots of seasonal fun with nothing scary or spooky for young gamers – check out the game play here!

And better yet, check out the free versions for iOS and Google!

An App for Dogs?

We all know that Laura Tallardy has some pretty solid artistic chops herself, but lately she’s been interested in helping others to hone in on their artistic side. But has her app development business gone to the dogs?!?

You bet it has!!


(Credit: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

After being inspired by School for the Dogs’iPad pooches” and a conversation with founder Annie Grossman, Laura is excited to announce the release of “App for Dogs – Puppy Painting, Button and Clicker Training Activity Games for Dogs”.

Aside from being a fun and very modern toy, introducing our four legged friends to iPads also gives them constructive ways to unleash some of that crazy energy.

Check it out here!