Peace and Love from Morgan Gaynin

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It has certainly been a difficult week. We have been bombarded by images and messages of hatred, violence, murder, anger, misunderstanding, and misinformation. It has been exhausting.

There have been multitudinous artistic reactions to these horrifying acts of terrorism, and it is always inspiring to witness creatives reacting to such ugliness by making something beautiful.

I took a moment this morning to come at it from a different direction however. I wanted to see the images in our archives that were tagged with words such as “love” and “peace”. I wanted to feel joyous, to feel warmth, to see vibrant colors – and admittedly a lot of doves.

And I’d like to take this moment to share these images with you.


Image by Victo Ngai:


Image by Raul Colon:


Image by Josee Bisaillon:


Image by Don Kilpatrick:


Image by Lisa Adams:


Image by Beppe Giacobbe:


Image by Tonya Engel:


Image by Elizabeth Rosen:


The Prospect Heights Craft Fair – Starring Tonya Engel

On Saturday, April 13th, Tonya Engel will be setting up shop at a wonderfully eclectic show while simultaneously helping to raise funds for PS9 in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Fans of her dream-like works will be happy to see that she’s bringing along a few brand new original oils, in addition to prints on wood and paper. She is also expanding her brand, however, and will be debuting a few new boutique products such as handmade journals, greeting cards, and sculpted jewelry. No matter what your price point, this incredible artist has made it easy to take a little treasure home!

Take a look here to learn more about this fantastic afternoon. And for those of you that are unable to attend, don’t fret – you may also peruse the artist’s wares at her etsy shop. Just click here!


Tonya Engel Nabs First Book Deal

Just look at that grin! Tonya Engel is signing all 4 copies of her very first book contract for a dream project with Scholastic. We even let her keep the ballpoint pen as a keepsake.


And speaking of that pen…it appears that it just might be a good luck charm. No less than 1 week later, Tonya received a second book offer from yet another publisher. We are on a roll!

Tonya Donates Painting to Theater Company

Tonya Engel donated this beautiful painting to the Long Center Rollins Studio Theater in Austin, TX for their upcoming play “delta dandi”.  Presented by the Center for African American Studies at the University of Texas, the show runs January 9th & 10th, 2009 and was written by Tonya’s good friend, Sharon Brigeforth.  Click on the thumbnail for more information about the performance.