LOST – a New Exhibition from Guido Scarabottolo

In celebration of Dante’s 751st birthday, Guido Scarabottolo is proud to present LOST – 28 Drawings on the Divine Comedy.

Part of a citywide celebration of the poet’s legacy, those lucky enough to be in Pisa, Italy, are cordially invited to attend. The show will take place at the Palazzo Blu, located at Lungarno Gambacorti 9, from May 26th until September 10th.

Congratulations, Guido, on your wonderful show!




It seems like everyone has been overtaken by soccer football fever, and we thought that it might be fun to compile some game-related imagery by a few MGI artists who are always on the ball (SORRY!).

So let’s get started, shall we?? It’s game time, and we’d like to present, in no particular order…

Judith Drews:


Valeria Petrone:


Philippe de Kemmeter:





Guido Scarabottolo:


Maurizio Quarello:



Laura Tallardy:



Pete Ryan:PR-01

Anson Liaw:


Josée Bisaillon:


Thanks for having a little fun with us!

Guido Scarabottolo Follows the Grid

Guido Scarabottolo’s highly stylized and conceptual work has graced the pages of the New York Times on numerous occasions, but today’s elegantly written blog by the talented Leanne Shapton was a refreshing celebration of his equal success in the fine art world.

Feeling somewhat high brow? Then I suggest you take a peek here.


Guido Scarabottolo in China

Guido Scarabottolo’s arresting conceptual work is hitting the road! On November 3 at the Albergue SCM located in Macau, China, Guido will be exhibiting works in various mediums. If you happen to be in the area (who isn’t?), please be sure to stop by to view his newest sculptures, large format prints, and the 32 black and white drawings that have been realized especially for this exhibit.


American Illustration Announces Winners

American Illustration has announced the winners for its 29th competition, and Morgan Gaynin is happy to share that we have a nice presence both in the book and online.

In the book, we have Guido Scarabottolo:


And Steven Tabbutt’s rabbit…once again! (Steven is currently researching next year’s hit animal):


And online, Valeria Petrone will be represented with this beauty:


The epic AIAP party in November will be taking place here in New Yawk. If you are in the area, or are yearning to take a trip, this is a terrific event that is not to be missed!

And congratulations once again to this year’s winners.

Guido Scarabottolo and SOI 52

Guido Scarabottolo visited New York for the first time in 30 years to accept his Silver Medal from the 52nd Society of Illustrators Editorial and Publishing Show. It was so exciting for me to meet the award-winning conceptual mastermind after years of corresponding with him via email (both Vicki and Gail have traveled to Milan to visit with Guido in the past).

Here we see, from left to right, Guido’s talented wife Francesca ( a remarkable artist in her own right), Guido, and the ladies, Vicki and Gail:


A pensive Guido standing beneath one of his 4 images in the show:


A design cagematch! Guido speaking with Charles Hively, the mastermind behind 3×3 Magazine:


And, of course, Guido humbly accepting his medal:


Congratulations, Guido!

As mentioned previously, MGI’s other participating artists are Valeria Petrone, Beppe Giacobbe, Steven Tabbutt, and Josee Bisaillon. Beppe and Valeria were in Italy, Josee was home in Canada with her new twins, But Manhattanite Steven came for the event and enjoyed the festivities.

Society of Illustrators 52

The esteemed Society of Illustrators has announced its winners, and Morgan Gaynin is pleased to have five of our artists included among this year’s talent.

We are especially thrilled to announce that Guido Scarabottolo has received a Silver Medal in the book category!


Guido also had a whopping 3 additional images included in this category:




And one more piece in Institutional:


Our other book category winners include Josee Bisaillon:

Chagall couverture

and Valeria Petrone:




And Steven Tabbutt:


In the editorial category, we have Beppe Giacobbe:


In advertising, Don Kilpatrick:



And in the uncommissioned category, we have Beppe Giacobbe:


Valeria Petrone:




Four of our five winners don’t live in the US, so we hope that inclusion in the show might motivate them to visit NYC.

Congratulations to all!

French Children’s Book Fair

Two of our Italian illustrators, Beppe Giacobbe and Guido Scarabottolo, were recently invited to participate with a few other Italian illustrators in Paris’s “Salon du Livre et de la Presse Jeunesse” exhibition.





The salon, celebrating children’s books and publishing, displayed the illustrators’ work while the artists each participated in various workshops with children:


What might be most impressive, however, is the wonderful quality of the children’s work, and their genuine enthusiasm. Bravo, les enfants!



Carlo Stanga Visits New York

Carlo Stanga‘s distinctive MTA poster has been decorating the subway station walls for a few weeks. He purposely timed his visit from Milan so that he could view his poster in insitu.

Although Gail and Carlo had met in NYC a few years ago, the rest of the MGI staff finally had the opportunity to meet him themselves. After a brief office visit, Gail, Vicki and Kate accompanied Carlo to an eclectic sketchbook show at the New York Times. Among the sketches displayed were works by our artist and Carlo’s friend, Guido Scarabottolo. On our way uptown we went on the L and the A trains so Carlo could see his poster displayed in a few different stations.

Here stands a proud Carlo, posing next to his poster:

Which, after being taken by New York’s graffiti culture, he decided to tag:

And here are Vicki, Gail, and I in front of Guido’s sketch book drawings in the New York Times show (we LOVED how they cleverly had paper crumpled and strewn about, like a proper studio):