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Valeria Petrone Illustrates Italy’s Transit System!

Looks like MGI artists are becoming international transit artists. We have created so many posters and art cards for the MTA here in NYC and now Valeria Petrone has illustrated this whimsical piece for Florence, Italy’s public transport system (ATAF) to promote a healthier environment. The illustration will be used as posters and on bus tickets.

Guido’s Author Portraits Show

Guanda, an Italian publisher that Guido Scarabottolo frequently works with, has just released a new line of 200 pocket-sized books.  Guido was asked to do portraits of 44 of the authors, and they’re throwing an exhibition to showcase the paintings.  If you’re in Milan near the Feltrienelli Piazza on Sept 16th at 6:30, be sure to pop in and say hi!

Click on the images below to see some of his portraits.