Talking with Raul Colon

Raul Colon was recently interviewed by Lauren Vander Pluym for Booklist Online, and her extensive research and thoughtful questioning culminated in a rave review that we couldn’t have done better ourselves.

Truly, this is a piece that deserves to stand on its own. Thank you to the author for this thoughtful look at Raul as an artist, as well as the in-depth curation of his many titles.

Take a look here.

Image by Raul Colon:

Flying Palette

Image by Raul Colon

Get the Picture!

Fans of children’s books will be blown away by the Brandywine Art Museum’s current exhibition “Get the Picture! Contemporary Children’s Book Illustration,” which features our very own Raul Colon.

A look at the interior of the official invitation:


Celebrating 8 of the industry’s most visible and prolific artists, ‘Get the Picture!’ features 20 works from each of the artists’ latest titles.

Image from Raul Colon’s “Draw!”:


Showcasing the incredible diversity that is present in approaches and subject matter, “Get the Picture” has also been receiving some nice press – like this piece!

Image by Raul Colon, from “Draw!”:


The exhibition will be up until October 9th. And congratulations, Raul!

Just in Time for Women’s History Month: “Fearless Flyer,” Illustrated by Raul Colon

Raul Colon has several awesome children’s books under his belt, and lately he seems to be the go-to fellow for illustrated historical titles – specifically, those featuring some mighty strong and inspiring women.

We recently saw the trailer for his latest title, “Fearless Flyer,” and are excited to share it with you during this month of female empowerment.

Take a look here!


Peace and Love from Morgan Gaynin

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It has certainly been a difficult week. We have been bombarded by images and messages of hatred, violence, murder, anger, misunderstanding, and misinformation. It has been exhausting.

There have been multitudinous artistic reactions to these horrifying acts of terrorism, and it is always inspiring to witness creatives reacting to such ugliness by making something beautiful.

I took a moment this morning to come at it from a different direction however. I wanted to see the images in our archives that were tagged with words such as “love” and “peace”. I wanted to feel joyous, to feel warmth, to see vibrant colors – and admittedly a lot of doves.

And I’d like to take this moment to share these images with you.


Image by Victo Ngai:


Image by Raul Colon:


Image by Josee Bisaillon:


Image by Don Kilpatrick:


Image by Lisa Adams:


Image by Beppe Giacobbe:


Image by Tonya Engel:


Image by Elizabeth Rosen:


Mega Huge Super Big Deal from Raul Colon!

Last week we were very eager to share Raul Colon’s wonderful mention in the New York Times Sunday Book Review for “Draw!”, an engaging, wordless storybook that he recently published with the visionary Paula Wiseman of Simon and Schuster.


A nod of approval from the Book Review is quite the acknowledgement in our world, so you can imagine that we were particularly blown away when we learned that Raul has also been selected as one of the Times’ Best Illustrated Books of 2014. Wahoo!

“Every year since 1952, the Book Review has convened an independent panel of judges to select picture books on the basis of artistic merit. The winning books are chosen from among thousands for what is the only annual award of its kind.”

This is a pretty big deal, ladies and gentlemen!

We are incredibly proud of Raul and also grateful to Paula for consistently creating such amazing books with one of our favorite artists.

And if you haven’t check out “Draw!”, perhaps it’s time to learn what all the fuss is about.



Remembering Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The world recently lost an amazing artist and inspiring mind – RIP, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

In honor of an amazing life, we wanted to share this lovely interview with the author of “My Name is Gabito,” illustrated by our very own Raul Colon.

“….Márquez was the perfect inspiration for a children’s book because children more than adults perhaps can understand the way the magical and the real exist in one moment.”

Take a look and join us in remembering this beautiful soul.


Press for Raul Colon’s Participation at the Eric Carle Museum

Raul Colon received a nice note from the marketing manager at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art this week – there was a wonderful article written about the upcoming Latino storybook exhibition in “PreView Massachusetts”, and Raul’s artwork was featured on the cover! We hope that the program is a huge success.


“Latino Folk Tales” – an Upcoming Exhibition at the Eric Carle Museum Slated to Feature Raul Colon

“Folk tale literature throughout the world encompasses both magic and symbolism, comprising stories of saints, gods, myths, and legends. These repeated and recorded stories transcend various national and cultural boundaries.”

On March 26th, the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art will be presenting “Latino Folk Tales: Cuentos Populares – Art by Latino Artists,” a remarkable exhibition featuring sixty-three original works from bilingual Latino folk tales. The illustrations, which were used to enhance stories collected from various Spanish-speaking regions of the world, were created by of 12 of the best and most prolific Latin storybook artists working today, including our very own Raul Colon.

If you are interested in learning more about the event, please visit the Eric Carle Museum here, and you may also view a little preview of the exhibition here!

Image from Raul Colon’s “Sugarcane”


The MGI Weekly News Roundup

There has been an awful lot going on behind the scenes, and we have been looking forward to sharing this week’s post with you!

Victo Ngai recently traveled back to her native Hong Kong, where she was selected to receive two silver medals and one judge’s pick for the Second Greater China Illustration Awards – a competition that includes illustrators from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mainland China. She explains that this particular accomplishment means a lot to her, as it is the first time that she has won an award in her homeland. She wrote a little bit about the experience on her wonderful blog, which you can read by clicking here. And congratulations, Miss Victo!! She keeps reeling them in.

Here is Victo, third from the left, bottom row:


The awards:


Victo also received a wonderful acknowledgment from CommunicationArts, which featured a brief interview with the artist, along with some of her works. Take a peek here!

One of Victo Ngai’s featured pieces:


We were also thrilled to receive some very exciting press. Recently, we announced a very high-profile collaboration between Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden and our very own Raul Colon. Dr Biden’s first children’s book, “Don’t Forget, God Bless our Troops” is a touching story told through the eyes of a child dealing with a parent fighting overseas, and we were thrilled to receive an announcement from Publisher’s Weekly celebrating its release (click here). It goes without saying that we are rather confident that we’ll be hearing an awful lot about this book in the months to come.


And finally, we would like to congratulate the MTA’s Arts for Transit program, with whom we have had the joy of collaborating on several occasions. They have just announced the release of the Arts for Transit on Meridian App, a virtual gallery of all of the mosaics, installations, paintings, posters, art cards and more that pepper the lives of New Yorkers every day. Now, wherever you are in the world, you can always enjoy a little piece of NYC. Take a moment to view a little video announcing this interesting development here.

Here is a poster that was created for the MTA by Sylvie Daigneault:


Dave Calver created this beauty for the program:


And a mural created by Raul Colon:


The Weekly News Roundup!

Wonderful goodies to report this week!

Valeria Petrone, whose own work has regularly made an appearance in the 3×3 Annual, has been invited by publisher Charles Hively to help judge this year’s competition. What an honor! 3×3 has poised itself as being one of the industry’s top sources for the best in contemporary illustration, and I imagine it will be a very difficult process to judge the sheer volume of high caliber work that will come through. Congratulations, Valeria – and good luck!

Will she love it, or….(image by Valeria Petrone)


Shannon Brady announced that he has been invited to participate in the upcoming ‘Illustration Minnesota’ show on February 2nd, from 6-8 pm. The biennial exhibition will celebrate the inventive work of 25 select Minnesota illustrators, and each will exhibit a printed illustration accompanied by the original artwork, an original piece of their choice, and also a personalized and decorated Moleskin. These unique, one-of-a-kind Moleskins will be sold in a silent auction during the exhibition reception, and the proceeds will benefit the CVA Scholarship fund. If you happen to be in or around Minneapolis Saint Paul, click here for more details.


And finally, we have some thrilling news from Raul Colon. We knew that something exciting was a-brewing, but the initial non-disclosure agreement was rather strict…and despite being in this small office, many of us were clueless (and subsequently going bananas). But now that we have learned about the project, it’s rather high profile and we understand the secrecy that surrounded it in the preliminary stages. Jill Biden, our second lady, will be releasing a children’s book with Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers in June of 2012 – and Raul has been asked to illustrate it! All net author proceeds for “Don’t Forget, Nana, God Bless our Troops” will benefit charities to support military families and children, and in honor of the book’s publication, Simon & Schuster will also be making a contribution to a charity that supports the same cause.

“As a military mom and a teacher, I wanted to write this book to make all Americans, especially children, aware of the unique experience of children who have a parent or other relative deployed in our armed forces,” said Jill Biden. “I saw with my own grandchildren just how difficult it is to carry on while you are worried about a parent who is serving in a war zone … and I also learned what a difference it makes when members of the community show support. I hope my granddaughter Natalie’s story, which inspired the book, gives readers some insight into the strength and character of our military families, and encourages them to reach out in their neighborhoods and communities.” Congratulations, Raul, for this exciting assignment! We are looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

Upper left is how I felt being kept in the dark for so long. Image by Raul Colon, from “Sugarcane”