Victo Ngai “American Express”

“American Express” by Victo Ngai
Society of Illustrators New York 59, 2017

Valeria Petrone – American Illustration Profile

Valeria Petrone’s striking imagery garners a lot of attention, but it was particularly exciting to see her recent American Illustration profile.

Covering her sun-drenched childhood, inspirations, influences, and the technical aspects of how she creates her graphic work, it provides a colorful snapshot into the life of this fabulous illustrator.

Take a look here!


Kettle’s Clever Persol Campaign

No matter the size of your brand, there is one marketing fact that is a universal truth: social media matters.

In a world where “authenticity” is critical, however, it can become difficult for major companies to provide the same appeal. This is where we need to tap into clever strategies and unexpected twists: by utilizing existing platforms and working within their parameters, how can we create a unique and engaging experience?

Jonathan Bartlett was contacted not long ago to create artwork for a new Persol campaign, and it seems the hard work and creative thinking have paid off. Kettle, the agency behind the idea, explains, “Activities like Escape The Room and Sleep No More showed us how people enjoyed playing in physical spaces—and we applied those learnings to social, building an experience for the new generation. ” Persol would present an artwork with a new cliffhanger on its Instagram feed while viewers were able to dictate the direction of the story – making for a memorable customer experience and generating upwards of 4,421,105 unique monthly visitors for the brand. We certainly call that a success.

Learn more about this interesting innovation here, and take a look at more of Jonathan’s fabulous illustrations here.


“Get the Picture” Exhibition Receives Fabulous Review

“Get the Picture,” a phenomenal exhibition of 6 children’s book illustrators featuring Raul Colon, has quite the demanding audience – and few have even finished with kindergarten.

We love this glowing review from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which does a terrific job at applauding the exhibition itself while simultaneously celebrating the art of children’s books in a larger context:

“Children’s picture books are a sort of gateway drug not just to art, but also to literacy, even if the book contains only a few words. They engage their readers and help them deal with anger and fear and other challenges of their everyday lives, but most essentially, they suggest new possibilities, and impossibilities. They help children imagine who they are and what they might become.”

How beautiful and how true.

Take a look here to see our original post about the show, and if you are in the area, do yourself a favor – check it out! It is surely a visual feast for children and adults alike.

Raul Colon - Spread from Draw

Hold your Horses! Sylvie Daigneault Also Announced as CQ 45 Winner

It seems our blogmistress became so excited while making yesterday’s Creative Quarterly 45 announcement that she’d forgotten to include Sylvie Daingeault’s beautiful suite of imagery. Apologies, Sylvie!

Images by Sylvie Daigneault:

Sylvie Daigneault Flowers

Sylvie Daigneault Flowers 2

Sylvie Daingeault Night at the Opera

This gorgeous series was selected as a ‘runner up’ in the Fine Art category. Congratulations, Sylvie!