“Get the Picture” Exhibition Receives Fabulous Review

“Get the Picture,” a phenomenal exhibition of 6 children’s book illustrators featuring Raul Colon, has quite the demanding audience – and few have even finished with kindergarten.

We love this glowing review from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which does a terrific job at applauding the exhibition itself while simultaneously celebrating the art of children’s books in a larger context:

“Children’s picture books are a sort of gateway drug not just to art, but also to literacy, even if the book contains only a few words. They engage their readers and help them deal with anger and fear and other challenges of their everyday lives, but most essentially, they suggest new possibilities, and impossibilities. They help children imagine who they are and what they might become.”

How beautiful and how true.

Take a look here to see our original post about the show, and if you are in the area, do yourself a favor – check it out! It is surely a visual feast for children and adults alike.

Raul Colon - Spread from Draw

Hold your Horses! Sylvie Daigneault Also Announced as CQ 45 Winner

It seems our blogmistress became so excited while making yesterday’s Creative Quarterly 45 announcement that she’d forgotten to include Sylvie Daingeault’s beautiful suite of imagery. Apologies, Sylvie!

Images by Sylvie Daigneault:

Sylvie Daigneault Flowers

Sylvie Daigneault Flowers 2

Sylvie Daingeault Night at the Opera

This gorgeous series was selected as a ‘runner up’ in the Fine Art category. Congratulations, Sylvie!

Creative Quarterly 45 – the Results Are In

The judges at Creative Quarterly are known for their discerning tastes, and so it is with great pride that we announce Anson Liaw and Josée Bisaillon’s inclusion in issue 45!

Anson Liaw’s personal piece “49 Tears Forever,” which was inspired by the tragic shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, had two color variations accepted as ‘runner ups’ in the professional illustration category:

Images by Anson Liaw:

49 Tears Forever - Creative Quarterly 45 49 Tears Forever - Creative Quarterly 45

And Josée Bisaillon had two pieces from her “Biodiversity” series accepted, one as a ‘winner’:

"Biodiversity," honored by Creative Quarterly

and the other as a ‘runner up’:

"Biodiversity," selected by Creative Quarterly

Congratulations, Anson and Josée! And thank you to our friends and colleagues at Creative Quarterly for the distinction.

Anson Liaw Celebrates the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

In anticipation of the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, Anson Liaw felt inspired to create an exciting poster in his dynamic style.

We love how he plays with a variety of color schemes, as well – which one is your favorite?

Images by Anson Liaw:

2016 annual 41st Toronto International Film Festival   poster version 2_Anson Liaw 2016 41st Toronto International Film Festival version 5   poster_Anson Liaw 2016 41st annual Toronto International Film Festival   version 3 poster_Anson Liaw 41st annual Toronto International Film Festival poster   version 1_Anson Liaw 2016 TIFF 41st_Poster illustration_version 4_Revised_Anson   Liaw


Get the Picture!

Fans of children’s books will be blown away by the Brandywine Art Museum’s current exhibition “Get the Picture! Contemporary Children’s Book Illustration,” which features our very own Raul Colon.

A look at the interior of the official invitation:


Celebrating 8 of the industry’s most visible and prolific artists, ‘Get the Picture!’ features 20 works from each of the artists’ latest titles.

Image from Raul Colon’s “Draw!”:


Showcasing the incredible diversity that is present in approaches and subject matter, “Get the Picture” has also been receiving some nice press – like this piece!

Image by Raul Colon, from “Draw!”:


The exhibition will be up until October 9th. And congratulations, Raul!

49 Tears Forever

The Ladies of MGI have been sitting around the computer in awe of the latest conceptual creation from Anson Liaw:

Anson Liaw_ JUNE 27_2016_49 Tears

“49 Tears Forever” was created in honor of the lives taken in the recent attack at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

Rest in Peace, Rest in Power.


A. Richard Allen “Love Lies Bleeding”

“Love Lies Bleeding” by A. Richard Allen
Communication Arts 57, 2016