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Have a Side Business? Consider This

Some time ago during one of their “Career Talk” articles for 3×3 Magazine, Gail and Vicki discussed the potential of diversifying one’s illustration business. If you aren’t familiar, you should be! Just click here to take a look at some of their awesome ideas.

Interestingly, it seems that a lot of illustrators have taken this wisdom to heart, and we’ve seen more and more of our favorite artists creating wonderful lines that feature their works. From prints to pins and tshirts to tapestries, there is no shortage of fun products to decorate and make your own.

We are all familiar, of course, with Etsy, the awesome platform that showcases these unique products. Recently, the company released a great article in their Seller Handbook series entitled, “How to Get your Wholesale Products into Museum Gift Shops.” It’s chock full of good advice, and if you have a side business yourself – or have considered exploring that avenue – we encourage you to give it a look!

Image by Carlo Giambarresi:



The Business of the Business

Gail and Vicki are often called upon for their opinions about the business aspects of freelance illustration. Their 12th CareerTalk article for “3×3 – the Magazine of Contemporary Illustration” has just hit the newsstands. It addresses how to maintain a work flow by diversifying.

Additionally, the ladies had a recent chat with a class of graduating seniors at FIT:
Vicki and Gail enjoyed the group and were pleased by their involvement and curiosity about the business. We wish them the utmost success as they prepare to venture out into the world of commercial illustration.

New York Times, Vicki & Gail all agree on career advice

Vicki spotted this very inspiring New York Times article on making a living as a professional artist.  It’s got some great interviews with creative types successfully doing what they love, and offers some sage advice that is strikingly similar to Vicki & Gail’s recent CareerTalk article!  Click here to read the New York Times article, or click on the thumbnail to read the CareerTalk article on “Maintaining the Passion.”