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Huge News from Pete Ryan

Since the beginning, we have been huge fans of Pete Ryan’s sense of humor and visual puns. His amazing wit and clever ideas have been the cornerstone of his work since day one, yet we’ve also enjoyed seeing how his “look” has slowly evolved over the years. It goes without saying that his work is both smart AND aesthetically engaging, and we couldn’t be more excited to learn that a major industry heavyweight just happens to agree.

We’d like to give a massive congratulations to this hardworking artist, who has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators with a silver medal in the editorial category for his piece on being Christian in the city, created for Buzzfeed:


Any acknowledgement from the Society is an incredible honor, but we’d like to humble-brag and mention that the competition for this particular category is especially fierce. Regardless, Pete’s awesome image was able to rise to the top – and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Congratulations, Pete!

Carlo Stanga Tackles the Volkswagen Scandal

When Carlo Stanga recently sent along this incredible image for Italy’s “Il Venerdi di Repubblica,” the special Friday edition of the national paper, our jaws hit the floor. This is precisely the kind of work that made us so excited to collaborate with Carlo in the first place – dynamic, full of energy, and distinctly his.

We simply had to share!

Volkswagen Scandal

And don’t forget, you are always invited to check out more of his work here.

Jonathan Bartlett in the New York Times “Arts and Leisure” Section

It’s always so exciting to see our artists grace the publications that enrich our personal lives.

Image by Jonathan Bartlett:


So thank you, Jonathan Bartlett, for paying us a visit this Sunday by way of the New York Times Arts & Leisure section!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The piece discussed the New York Philharmonic and how their current conductor is stepping down – without having named a successor. We just love this simple solution!

Victo Ngai Graces the Cover of the New York Times Sunday Book Review

As seen in Victo’s original post:

“Family Life– NYT Book Review Cover 

Victo Ngai

This is the second time I illustrated for author Akhil Sharma’s writing. The first one was for his New Yorker short story “We didn’t like him”.  I have always loved the beautiful melanchonia in his work.

Family Life is about an immigrant family from India living in New York, with 2 children. One of the brothers, Birju, suffers from brain damage from a swimming pool accident. This incident not only impairs Birju, but also his parents. They are blinded with grief and neglects to provide the nurture and attention the younger brother Ajay needs. Check out the book review by Sonali Deraniyagala here.

What I tried to capture in this image is how the pool has segregated and orphaned Ajay from the rest of the family. I curl my toes when I am trying to endure something painful, so I added that detail.

Big thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman for this great project! Look for it in the Sunday paper!”




DC Comics have teamed up with a surprising cult celebrity in honor of April Fool’s day, creating a special treat for fans and enthusiasts. As USA Today reports, Alfred E Neuman, the infamous MAD Magazine coverboy, will be gracing the covers of 21 DC titles, including Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. The amusing treatments have been created by various artists, including our very own Rick Tulka, and we can’t way to see them! It’s certainly quite the departure from DC’s usual approach.


Be sure to keep an eye out next month!

ALE+ALE for Le Monde

ALE+ALE were recently asked to use their incredible collage skills to illustrate two pieces for the respected French publication “Le Monde”. Covering coveted awards within the French university system, their energetic work was perfect for capturing the excitement of research and discovery.




“We Didn’t Like Him” – new Image by Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai has hit yet another homerun for the New Yorker! We love the perspective on this piece for the June 3rd issue. 960045_560577587327259_1168423781_n

Here, Victo illustrates the issue’s fictional piece, “We Didn’t Like Him,” by Akhil Sharma. The story follows a boy named Manshu, a Brahmin in India, who grew up to be the pundit of his local Hindu temple. Check it out!

The Weekly MGI News Roundup

We have some lovely goodies to share with you this week!

We were so happy to learn that Victo Ngai was asked to illustrate a full page piece for the New Yorker – possibly one of the most coveted assignments in our industry. The illustration was to accompany a wonderful piece of fiction by Peter Stamm entitled “Sweet Dreams,” and Victo was asked to create an image about the two young protagonists, a couple in Switzerland. Take a peak on her blog to see sketches and to learn more about her interesting process.


We also received these awesome images from Carlo Stanga, who recently completed a fabulous campaign in his native Italy for the cheese manufacturer “Galbani.”  Here is a closeup of the work, which is classically Carlo:


And here we see the image in context, used in a huge advertisement next to a glorious gothic cathedral in Milan:


Finally, we wanted to take a moment to honor the life and work of Maurice Sendak, who sadly passed away this week. Sendak, who most famously penned the children’s classic “Where the Wild Things Are,” had an incredible influence on children’s literature, and he will be greatly missed. You can read more here.

image by Maurice Sendak:


January Happenings at MGI

And the start of 2010 sent us off to the races! It has been so encouraging to see the pace picking up a bit around here, and we are pleased to share some of the more exciting goings-on.

Patti Mollica had been commissioned by American Express to create two of her distinctive New York City images. Originally created for decals indicating American Express’s acceptance at establishments throughout the U.S., Amex has now chosen to purchase extended use rights. So keep your eyes open for Patti’s New York pictures on billboards, collateral, ads…who knows where!


Newest addition Pete Ryan’s go-get-em attitude is truly inspiring, and his editorial career has skyrocketed from his robust energy. All across the country, from The Los Angeles Times to The Boston Globe, his remarkably witty concepts have been a treat to see. Here is one of my favorite images, which he created for the LA Times:

peteryanBeppe Giacobbe recently collaborated with Panera Bread in a challenging new project. Needing an inspired visual overhaul, their agency’s creative team has been rebranding the chain’s tasty baked goods with more sophisticated in-store visuals. And now, Bostonians will be able to enjoy 8 of Beppe’s conceptual comestibles as they sip espresso and munch a morning croissant.

lrg-12108-bp-0322-bread-artlrg-12110-bp-0324-bread-worldLast but not least, presenting Philippe Lechien. Ironically, this life-long Parisian captures NYC’s essence in his portrayals of the city’s vitality for both our MTA and Downtown Alliance.

During last year’s commutes, MTA’s #6 riders enjoyed getting lost in Philippe’s visually involved fire escape poster while avoiding eye contact with fellow passengers. And now, for the second time, the Downtown Alliance has called upon Philippe to offer his visions toward revitalizing New York’s downtown district. Philippe’s energetic lines and almost fashion-y approach are a perfect fit for this important organization’s mission.