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Silver Medal for Victo Ngai

Superstar Victo Ngai received a wonderful call from the Society of Illustrators, and we are thrilled to announce that she has won a silver medal – along with having 5 singles and one series admitted. This is a huge accomplishment, yet while it ain’t her first rodeo, she remains humbled by the honor.

I am detracting from how deeply meaningful this year’s accolades were for the artist, however. In Victo’s own words:

“Making art and promoting art have been trivial these couple weeks after the presidential election but this piece of good news from society reminds me that art can be the best tool to bring people together, it’s a universal language that embraces all. I have never felt any adverse effect on my career for being a female minority, and I think I have taken that for granted. The current political climate has been a reality check, it reminds me that it’s very easy to hate and demonize, to thinking the world as “us” vs “ them”, while it takes the best of us to understand and empathize. I have been extremely lucky to be born at this time and be working in an industry and living in cities that’s very accepting. I need to remember that I am able to live the life I live now because of those who fought the battles before me, for me.”

Congratulations, Victo, and thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us.

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Creative Quarterly Update: We Have Another Runner Up!

It seems we allowed our excitement regarding Sylvie Daigneault’s acknowledgement from Creative Quarterly to get the better of us, as we should have waited just a few hours to learn that Anson Liaw was also included in the latest batch of winners! Take a look at his awesome image, “You Had Me at Popcorn,” which was selected as a runner up:

You had me at popcorn-_Anson Liaw_CQ42

Congratulations, Anson!

“Creative Quarterly 38” Winners Announced

The celebrated publication “Creative Quarterly” is slated to release its 38th edition, and we are very excited to announce that two talented MGI’ers have been selected for inclusion.

Anson Liaw was delighted to learn that his illustration, “The Perfect Storm,” is a runner up in the ‘professional illustration’ section (personal/unpublished category).

Image by Anson Liaw:

The Perfect Storm_Anson Liaw

And Sylvie Daigneault has been honored with not one, but TWO “winners” in the ‘fine art’ category! These images will be reproduced in CQ’s “100 Best Annual”, which we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Images by Sylvie Daigneault:



Congratulations, Anson and Sylvie!

“We Didn’t Like Him” – new Image by Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai has hit yet another homerun for the New Yorker! We love the perspective on this piece for the June 3rd issue. 960045_560577587327259_1168423781_n

Here, Victo illustrates the issue’s fictional piece, “We Didn’t Like Him,” by Akhil Sharma. The story follows a boy named Manshu, a Brahmin in India, who grew up to be the pundit of his local Hindu temple. Check it out!

Rick Tulka – Totally Mad

A regular contributor to the American cult classic “Mad Magazine” for the last 24 years, Rick Tulka has been very proud to be called one of the “Usual Gang of Idiots.”

In celebration of its 60 years of hijinks, Mad Magazine linked up with Time Home Entertainment to produce the archival book “Totally Mad,” which debuted at #1  on the New York Times’ Hardcover Graphic Novel list. Understandably, Rick was incredibly excited to participate, and he has several pages included in the tome. You can learn more about this awesome compilation on Mad’s Blog.



The Weekly MGI News Roundup

We have some lovely goodies to share with you this week!

We were so happy to learn that Victo Ngai was asked to illustrate a full page piece for the New Yorker – possibly one of the most coveted assignments in our industry. The illustration was to accompany a wonderful piece of fiction by Peter Stamm entitled “Sweet Dreams,” and Victo was asked to create an image about the two young protagonists, a couple in Switzerland. Take a peak on her blog to see sketches and to learn more about her interesting process.


We also received these awesome images from Carlo Stanga, who recently completed a fabulous campaign in his native Italy for the cheese manufacturer “Galbani.”  Here is a closeup of the work, which is classically Carlo:


And here we see the image in context, used in a huge advertisement next to a glorious gothic cathedral in Milan:


Finally, we wanted to take a moment to honor the life and work of Maurice Sendak, who sadly passed away this week. Sendak, who most famously penned the children’s classic “Where the Wild Things Are,” had an incredible influence on children’s literature, and he will be greatly missed. You can read more here.

image by Maurice Sendak:


CommArt 2012

I’m sure that the announcements are still trickling out, but we have heard confirmation from Victo Ngai and Valeria Petrone that two of their pieces (each!) have been accepted into CommArt 2012. Congratulations, Ladies! Let the jobs roll in.

Accepted Works by Victo Ngai:



Accepted Works by Valeria Petrone:



Valeria Petrone Featured in Communication Arts

Another MGI artist was featured in Communication Arts recently! We were a bit delayed in announcing it, but Valeria Petrone has been actively participating in the illustrative United Airlines campaigns, and a terrific article highlighting the efforts of the creative team behind the ads has been included in the January/February issue of CA.

Displaying one of her trademark humorous images, the article is a fascinating look at how illustration can be effectively used in marketing today. 

It is so encouraging to see creatives using illustration so effectively and abundantly….be sure to pick up your copy today!

Presenting Katherine Dunn as Auteur

Many of us at MGI are huge fans of Katherine Dunn’s wonderful blog, so it was particularly exciting when The Bark Magazine decided to utilize her compassionate voice to approach this touching article. Accompanied by a wonderful pet portrait done in Katherine’s distinctive style, it’s a bit of a tear-jerker for animal lovers…proceed with caution!

René Milot on 3×3’s Illonine Cover!

When we first saw Rene Milot‘s scary bunny image commissioned by the Cirque de Soleil, our reaction was to run for the hills! But we made ammends when this fierce fellow hopped onto the cover of the new 3×3 Illonine Directory of Illustration. Every artist included in the directory was personally chosen to participate by the publisher, Charles Hively. What an honor for Rene’s furry warrior to be selected as the sentry for this year’s beautiful presentation which also includes 40 pieces by MGI artists.