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“Piece by Piece” Sylvie Daigneault’s New Picture Book

We’re excited to share Sylvie Daigneault’s exquisite illustrations for a new picture book, Piece By Piece.

PIECE BY PIECE written by Stephanie Shaw and illustrated by Sylvie Daigneault is a lovely picture book fairytale for 7-9 year olds about the beauty of nature, creativity and determination.” –The Children’s Bookshelf

In a review from The Picturebook Shelf Piece By Piece was described as an imaginative tale that reminds readers of all ages of the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and following one’s heart.

Piece By Piece is available now on Amazon and in your local bookstore.

Fabulous New York Times Review for Josée Bisaillon!

It seems like we are not alone in swooning over Josée Bisaillon’s adorable children’s book illustrations! We were absolutely tickled to read this wonderful New York Times review of her work for “Mom, Dad, our Books, and Me,” written by Danielle Marcotte.

We were struck and moved by the reviewer’s focus on Josée’s outstanding contributions to the story. Oftentimes, the illustrations are treated as a bit of an afterthought – yet here they were celebrated just as proudly as the strong writing and charming narrative.

Take a look here!


Susan Gal: Guest Blogger!

So much work goes into creating a beautiful children’s book, and thankfully, much of the “behind the scenes” effort ultimately reveals itself in the quality of the illustrations and engaging storylines. However, it’s incredible to consider the amount of work that many artists and authors put into helping to market these gems after they hit the market – and one way that they often try to reach their target audience is through blog posts and guest blogging.

Susan Gal recently did a terrific job discussing her work on “Abracadabra, it’s Spring!” and we are delighted to share her post with you.

Take a look at her guest post on Dulemba here.


“I am Milan” – New Book from Carlo Stanga

Carlo Stanga’s stylized drawings occupy a distinctive place between architectural design, fine art, and illustration. They are more imaginative than a blueprint, but rooted in impeccable details and the scientific realities of engineering. They offer an energetic and narrative spin on the cities we live in – the cities that Carlo loves.

Ever-inspired by his surroundings, Carlo recently approached Moleskine with the idea to create a series of illustrated books about the places we call home – but from an extraordinary and personified point of view. In “I Am the City,” each title will introduce a different locale by referencing the local lifestyle and mood, in addition to the different monuments and other architectural characteristics that most define it. This series is not just an architectural homage, although it certainly tips its hat. Instead, it very rightly remembers that a city is a living and breathing entity – one that has a unique history, but continues to evolve and grow.

The series begins with “Milan,” which you may now preorder here, and will move on to publish a new title every year. We are so excited to join Carlo and Moleskine as they take us on these beautiful illustrated tours.

Congratulations to Carlo on this inspiring and exciting project!

cover-iammilan-bassa 6_PIAZZA-DUOMO_IAMMILAN_carlo_stanga_350 38_CORDUSIO_IAMMILAN_carlo_stanga 2_IAMMILAN_PRONTO 26_MONTENAPO_IAMMILAN_carlo_stanga

Mega Huge Super Big Deal from Raul Colon!

Last week we were very eager to share Raul Colon’s wonderful mention in the New York Times Sunday Book Review for “Draw!”, an engaging, wordless storybook that he recently published with the visionary Paula Wiseman of Simon and Schuster.


A nod of approval from the Book Review is quite the acknowledgement in our world, so you can imagine that we were particularly blown away when we learned that Raul has also been selected as one of the Times’ Best Illustrated Books of 2014. Wahoo!

“Every year since 1952, the Book Review has convened an independent panel of judges to select picture books on the basis of artistic merit. The winning books are chosen from among thousands for what is the only annual award of its kind.”

This is a pretty big deal, ladies and gentlemen!

We are incredibly proud of Raul and also grateful to Paula for consistently creating such amazing books with one of our favorite artists.

And if you haven’t check out “Draw!”, perhaps it’s time to learn what all the fuss is about.



HERE IS THE WORLD – Applause for Susan Gal’s Latest

Fans of Susan Gal’s work can easily pinpoint what make it so special – she captures a certain glow and coziness that pulls the viewer into the scene and allows us to feel the joy and affection of her characters.

This warmth makes her a perfect fit for books requiring a gentle touch and a little sensitivity, and the rave reviews for “Here is the World,” a children’s title that focuses on Jewish holidays, are further proof that this talented artist has a beautiful gift that is heightened by her compassion.


Here is what Kirkus had to say in their August 15 issue:

“The year’s range of Jewish holidays and celebrations are presented in this repeating, rhyming chant that features key succinct elements for each. “Here are your parents, with arms open wide./ Here are your siblings, to stand by your side.” Beginning in early fall, Newman carefully chooses a new baby girl’s naming ceremony, not usually represented i other literature, followed by a Shabbat candle lighting, dinner and visit to the synagogue. She then launches into the high holy days of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kuppur, Sukkot and Simhat Torah. Winter leads with Hanukkah, followed by Tu B’Shevat and Purim before the traditional spring celebrations of Passover and Shavuot. An early summer Shabbat picnic brings the year full circle. Bookending this annual list with Shabbat observances reflects the significance the Sabbath holds in Judaism. Gal’s illustrations provide a visual narrative, ending with a first birthday party for the baby named at the outset; the story culminates with her family marveling at the “ever-changing world” and wonder of their child. Charcoal drawings enhanced with digital collage create textured, festive scenes for each of the ceremonial traditions. Backmatter explanations fill out the basics (including the bris, or boys’ welcome ceremony) with a specific craft or activity for each holiday. Both lovely and eminently useful.”


We also came across this wonderful piece from Publisher’s Weekly:

“For an observant Jewish family, a year continually offers cause for celebration – especially when a newly arrived baby sister kicks off the cycle with a naming ceremony: “Here is the rabbi, with blessings to share./ Here is a wish and a hope and a prayer.” The simple couplets, which begin with the repeating phrase “Here is/are,” for a dash of liturgical rhythm, chronicle a year of togetherness in the home, in the synagogue (“open to all”), and in the outdoors: “Here is the shofar, its sound pure and sweet,” she writes about Rosh Hashanah, “Here are some apples and honey to eat.” (In keeping with the lighthearted mood, Yom Kippur is represented by a delicious “break-fast.”) Illustrating the change of seasons, Gal’s charcoal and digital collage images effervesce with cheery colors, moving from the radiant gold, yellows, and reds of autumn to the greens and blues of spring – with a stop in snowy winter for Chanukah, of course. A glossary, crafts ideas, and recipes conclude the book.”


We have always enjoyed working with Susan and are so pleased to hear that her latest title is receiving such wonderful reviews. Congratulations!!

Winter’s Coming (no worries – it’s just the title of Josée Bisaillon’s latest!)

Josée Bisaillon is thrilled to announce that she’s recently completed the artwork for her latest picturebook, “Winter’s Coming” – just in time for spring! Join Lily the snowshoe hare as she explores the environmental shifts that signal the changing seasons.



Josée’s charming collage style is the perfect fit for creating engaging environments, full of palpable textures and adorable critters. Be sure to check out Josée’s first book with Owlkids!


You can check out the original post on Josée’s blog.

Susan Gal’s “Day by Day” Receives a Starred Review from Kirkus

It can be a nerve wracking experience waiting for those first reviews to roll in, but what could possibly be more encouraging than a starred review from Kirkus?

Susan Gal’s “Day by Day,” which she both wrote and illustrated, is a heartwarming tale that follows an adorable pig family in their quest to build a home and become a part of the fabric of their Society. Here is what the reviewer had to say:

“Day by day, brick by brick, a community is built in this winning tribute to fellowship and family.

Across a golden prairie, a family of pigs heads west. Their small actions grow in significance as bricks become a house, beloved paraphernalia create a home, neighbors are welcomed and friendships begin. With each handsome spread, the author rephrases the proverb she was inspired by: “little by little, the bird builds its nest.” Words flow on a curvature that matches the lyrical nature of both text and artwork. Sophisticated, digital illustrations done in a pastel color palette dazzle the senses, allowing readers to feel the vastness of sky, the heat of summer; to smell the scent of flowers and fields; and to hear the slow dance-floor melody as they safely drift to sleep. Gal skillfully employs the computer to create a handmade, collage aesthetic. Through her application of textures, she creates a world that’s rich in pattern, color and, most of all, love. As pigs gather around a table, under a festive tree at twilight to enjoy the bounty they have grown, they give thanks.

A luminous celebration of family, food and home. (Picture book. 4-9)

The lovely news was shared with us by Random House’s Nancy Siscoe, with whom Susan collaborated. She sent us an enthusiastic, “I love this book!”

We sure do, too.

Congratulations, Susan!

You can click here to see a brief presentation of this wonderful tale.  Why not see what all the fuss is about!


The MGI Weekly News Roundup

There has been an awful lot going on behind the scenes, and we have been looking forward to sharing this week’s post with you!

Victo Ngai recently traveled back to her native Hong Kong, where she was selected to receive two silver medals and one judge’s pick for the Second Greater China Illustration Awards – a competition that includes illustrators from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mainland China. She explains that this particular accomplishment means a lot to her, as it is the first time that she has won an award in her homeland. She wrote a little bit about the experience on her wonderful blog, which you can read by clicking here. And congratulations, Miss Victo!! She keeps reeling them in.

Here is Victo, third from the left, bottom row:


The awards:


Victo also received a wonderful acknowledgment from CommunicationArts, which featured a brief interview with the artist, along with some of her works. Take a peek here!

One of Victo Ngai’s featured pieces:


We were also thrilled to receive some very exciting press. Recently, we announced a very high-profile collaboration between Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden and our very own Raul Colon. Dr Biden’s first children’s book, “Don’t Forget, God Bless our Troops” is a touching story told through the eyes of a child dealing with a parent fighting overseas, and we were thrilled to receive an announcement from Publisher’s Weekly celebrating its release (click here). It goes without saying that we are rather confident that we’ll be hearing an awful lot about this book in the months to come.


And finally, we would like to congratulate the MTA’s Arts for Transit program, with whom we have had the joy of collaborating on several occasions. They have just announced the release of the Arts for Transit on Meridian App, a virtual gallery of all of the mosaics, installations, paintings, posters, art cards and more that pepper the lives of New Yorkers every day. Now, wherever you are in the world, you can always enjoy a little piece of NYC. Take a moment to view a little video announcing this interesting development here.

Here is a poster that was created for the MTA by Sylvie Daigneault:


Dave Calver created this beauty for the program:


And a mural created by Raul Colon:


Sarah Hollander Works Out her Autograph Hand

Sarah Hollander’s heartwarming illustrations recently breathed life into the adorable children’s book “The 12 Days of Christmas in Washington DC,” and we are pleased as punch that her hard work has been so well received.

The artist was recently involved in a successful book signing at “Hooray for Books” in Alexandria, Virginia. Take a look at these lovely photographs that were taken by the author, Candice Ransom – what a doll (Sarah’s on the right)!

sarahblogsarahhblogWe would also like to take this opportunity to brag about two of the other Morgan Gaynin artists, as we have been fortunate enough to have 3 of our talented illustrators selected to work on this fun project that tackles holiday traditions and fun facts from all 50 states (and, of course, our lovely capitol!). Congratulations are also in order for  Lisa Adams, who illustrated “The 12 Days of Christmas in New York City,” and Judy Stead, the artist behind “The 12 Days of Christmas in North Carolina”.

Congratulations, Ladies!