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Paul Garland Wins the “Prize for Illustration”!

Paul Garland reached out to us with some very exciting news this week, and we are delighted to be able to share it with you. His striking graphic piece, “Meeting Place,” has won the Prize for Illustration, jointly organized by the Association of Illustrators and Transport for London!


Paul’s entry centers on the Greenwich Meridian Line and celebrates this important meeting place. In the words of the artist, “I”ll come from the East as you come from the West to the Prime Meridian, Greenwich and we’ll meet each other at the center of world.”

Posters may be purchased in all sizes here – and congratulations, Paul!

Your Weekly Victo Ngai Update

Victo Ngai is a remarkably prolific young woman and as usual, she’s been quite busy – so let’s just consider this entry your one-stop-shop for all things Victo this week!

First and foremost, check out the latest issue of Communication Arts for a wonderful interview with the talented young artist – even after working with her for a few years, your humble blogmistress felt that she had learned something new about the artist. The piece is well-written and illuminating, and those that are fans of Victo’s work will be thrilled. We were very impressed, to say the least.


The artist is everywhere these days, it seems, but for those that would like a little extra Victo in their lives, she is now offering her distinctive artwork on iPhone cases through the site Gelaskins. Take a look here to see her beautiful designs!

The MTA Releases Carlo Stanga’s Latest Beauty

One year ago, Carlo Stanga created an architectural rendering of New York City for the Metropolitan Transit Authority that perfectly encapsulated the energy and sophistication of this great city:


We were so convinced that this was a gold medal winner, and it is always an honor to work with the MTA. So when they contacted us for Carlo a second time, we were extra thrilled.

His second image, entitled “Underground Gallery” is a wonderful homage to the gorgeous artwork that commuters can spot throughout our great metropolis. Featuring delightful vignettes and posters from days gone by (including works from other MGI artists), this engaging piece offers a feast of visual delights.

(It also gives your blogmistress something pretty to look at every morning.)

gallerySo you like fine print? Here’s the copy: “Carlo Stanga’s whimsical, rollickign image celebrates the multiple layers of NYC and turns a transit hub into an underground art gallery hung with a selection of Arts for Transit posters. The work honors MTA Arts for Transit’s role in art and design for the MTA region over the past 25 years”

Holiday Prints from Katherine Dunn

Katherine Dunn has recently announced a very exciting sale on her holiday prints. What better way to give your loved ones the warm and fuzzies than to give them a beautiful piece of artwork (which often features creatures both warm and fuzzy)?

You can take a look at Katherine’s blog to explore the wonderful selection, and though it may be a bit premature, Happy Holidays!


Valeria Petrone in the Art For Cats Auction!

Valeria Petrone recently donated a charming moose print to “Art for Cats,” a feline rescue operation located here in New York City. When founder Kathleen Goward was forced to shutter Pomegranate Looms, her exotic rug store and covert cat rescue operation, all the critters were relocated to her home. Recognizing the need to separate the healthy from the sick, the auction has been established to fund the building of a wall – with excess monies being distributed to other cat rescue agencies in the area.

The premiere auction will consist of 50 pieces by top illustrators and friends to the fur. Paris, MGI’s resident chaton, asks you to check it out.

She also thanks Valeria wholeheartedly.

Article about Wendy’s Obama Buttons

News Leader, Wendy Wray’s local paper for Shenandoah Valley, published an article featuring her Obama buttons, click here to read it.  They feature a beautiful pastel portrait of Barack Obama with the text “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done.”  You can buy campaign buttons and other prints from her online store; all profits are donated to the Obama campaign.

Katherine’s Art in Charity Auction

One of Katherine Dunn’s animal pieces featuring her own One Eyed Pug
was recently included in an auction to benefit the Vision for Animals
Foundation. An opthamologist veterinarian had hired Katherine do make an
archival print of the one-eyed pug for her vet office, and liked it so
much she bought another one to enter in the October auction. She just
wrote to say there was a bidding war and it sold for double the normal
price. “I’m so glad I was part of this cause and thank Dr. Terri
McCalla for supporting my art. Veterinarians rock!” says the artist.
You can purchase Katherine’s animals prints via her website.

Sylvie wins SI Awards

Sylvie Daigneault had two occasions to celebrate- she was notified that both her Taffi Bird Portrait and MTA Anniversary poster were contest winners!  The Taffi Bird won a certificate of merit from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and the MTA poster earned a certificate from the Society of Illustrators New York.  Congrats Sylvie!

Click on the images to see them full-size.