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Rosé all Day! New Design from Valeria Petrone

Who doesn’t love a glass of rosé once spring hits? Please take note: noone is raising their hands!

This latest project from Valeria Petrone is a real showstopper, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Created for Tormaresca Vineyard in collaboration with animator Silvio Mancini (and art directed by Valeria), it is a thrill to see her illustration come to life.

Image by Valeria Petrone:


We strongly recommend taking half a minute to check out this delightful animation – and don’t forget to raise your glasses!

Laura Tallardy – Illustrator Extraordinaire, Animation Superstar, and Conqueror of Physics

The blogmistress is officially tipping her hat to the multi-talented Laura Tallardy – her recent blog post is indeed EPIC, with phenomenal explanations of the processes behind her latest project, “Princess Birthday Party Puzzles” – not to mention a fantastic collection of imagery and gifs to really give the reader a sense of how this massive project ultimately came together. WOW.

Take a look here for a really spectacular behind the scenes – you’ll be so happy that you did!


An ALE+ALE Animation…Sacré Bleu!

ALE+ALE’s surrealist collage imagery is simply the perfect fit for French band Les Fouteurs de Joie, as you can see in their awesome music video “Amputez-moi d’une Fleur.” Undoubtedly, the ALEs distinctive style lent the animation a certain je ne sais quoi

Cliquez-ici to see this wonderful little gem!


Flower Fairies Ballet – the Latest App from Laura Tallardy

She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Laura Tallardy, our resident app guru, is proud to announce her latest creation, “Flower Fairies Ballet.” This is her second collaboration with developer Scott Adelman, and her fifth app overall – color us impressed, this young lady is simply unstoppable. Congratulations, Laura!

Those familiar with her work are surely acquainted with how darling her illustrations can be. So when the illustrator herself says that this latest work is “probably the cutest- lots of fairies, rainbows, flowers, confetti and sparkles in this one,” you know it’s going to be extra special!

Click here for a link to download 4 puzzles for free, and you can take a look at these adorable little ladies in action by clicking here.


MGI – Things are Movin’!

It is so exciting to see one’s work in motion for the first time, and we are very proud of Carlo Stanga who just sent over his very first animated piece. Way to go, Carlo! His clean linework and distinct vision enable this campaign to really grab the viewer, and we hope that the producers are pleased with how nicely it turned out.

Please oooh and aaah with us and take a peek here.

Image by Carlo Stanga:


Don Kilpatrick Featured on Etsy

Don Kilpatrick and his fabulous “Little Buffalo Press” has been featured on Etsy’s blog! For those of you unfamiliar with this wonderful site, it offers a smorgasbord of beautiful handmade goodies from independent designers and artists. It is also where a startling number of the blogmistress’s paychecks go.

If you haven’t seen the awesome film about Don’s process yet, it’s worth checking out. All you have to do is click here.


Sally Vitsky for LA Times Celebration of Food & Wine Festival

Sally Vitsky’s multidimensional paper sculpture has been used to awesome effect by Andrew Wahlquist at the Los Angeles Times to advertise their (tasty looking) Celebration of Food & Wine.

Created for print and television, it is incredible how the various elements have been manipulated to create this beautiful campaign for such different plastforms.

You can take a look at the commercial here.


Watch Don Kilpatrick in Action

You may already be familiar with the imagery that results from Don Kilpatrick’s awesome letterpress technique, but have you ever really watched the process?

A former student, Nick Ferguson, recently shot this fascinating video of the artist in action. Take a look here.


The Vargos are Ready for their Closeup, Mister DeMille

We are accustomed to seeing illustration everywhere, but we were so excited when Kurt Vargo shared his great cameo moment with us. Kurt and his wife, Marci, were among a thousand respondents to LEGALZOOM with an online testimonial involving the simplicity of making out a will. And they won! The Vargos were flown to Hollywood for a  6 day commercial shoot and the entire set was created from aspects of Kurt’s illustrations. Take a look…it is really cool.

Morgan Gaynin Inc proudly represented Kurt Vargo for many years. He and his family live in Savannah where he is an integral part of the teaching staff at Savannah College of Art and Design.

And on a practical note, check out LEGALZOOM in general. It offers a wonderful, inexpensive service for most of us who don’t have the budget for attorney’s fees. Its co-founder and spokesperson is Robert Shapiro, a member of the legal team that managed to get OJ Simpson acquitted of murder years ago. Remember “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit!”? We certainly would have confidence in any legal advisors involved with accomplishing that feat.