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Spot the Differences – Laura Tallardy’s Latest App, Ready for the Holidays!

The talented Laura Tallardy is at it again! Our resident busybee is thrilled to announce that she’s just released her latest app “Find the Differences: Christmas Edition – Family Holiday Puzzle Game for Kids and Adults Illustrated by Wendy Edelson”. Woo!

Wendy Edelson’s elaborate and festive drawings are simply the perfect fit for this fun game – take a peek by clicking here and enjoy the free downloads for all of your I-devices, or come play with the Android version!


And happy holidays!!

Gaby D’Alessandro on NPR Blog

Gaby D’Alessandro’s recent inclusion in the 2014 NPR calendar was an exciting moment, as it is both a high profile gig AND a venue that enriches the artist’s own personal life. Her piece, which was used for the month of June, is stellar, and the work she put into it clearly demonstrates her admiration and appreciation for their programming:


NPR continues to honor and promote the contributing artists on their blog, and we were so happy to see this recent entry about Gaby.

Check it out!

Laura Tallardy Creates Exciting New App Article!

Laura Tallardy is stealing the blogmistress’s thunder!

She was recently asked to create a second article for Corona Labs’s blog, and this time the expert chose to focus on the art of collaboration. Laura’s energy and enthusiasm for her craft is evident throughout the piece, and it’s a fun read for those that are considering jumping into the app world.

Give it a read!

Image by Laura Tallardy:



Snazzy Updates!

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with these awesome updated portfolios – you just might see something that blows you away!

Victo Ngai


Pete Ryan


Steven Tabbutt


Additionally, you may check out our awesome awards section, which has been updated to include recent American Illustration winners! Click here.


ALE + ALE Images are Sprouting Up Everywhere

We recently announced our partnership with surrealist collage masters ALE + ALE, and as we strategize how to position their work for the American Market, it is so fun to see their new portfolios popping up.

Those that are familiar with our company know that we appreciate working with the Ispot and the Workbook, so we are very pleased that they were eager to be featured in these terrific venues.

Please take a look at their new Ispot portfolio here, and don’t forget to mosey on over to the Workbook by clicking here!


Flower Fairies Ballet – the Latest App from Laura Tallardy

She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Laura Tallardy, our resident app guru, is proud to announce her latest creation, “Flower Fairies Ballet.” This is her second collaboration with developer Scott Adelman, and her fifth app overall – color us impressed, this young lady is simply unstoppable. Congratulations, Laura!

Those familiar with her work are surely acquainted with how darling her illustrations can be. So when the illustrator herself says that this latest work is “probably the cutest- lots of fairies, rainbows, flowers, confetti and sparkles in this one,” you know it’s going to be extra special!

Click here for a link to download 4 puzzles for free, and you can take a look at these adorable little ladies in action by clicking here.


Updated Portfolios

Vicki and Gaby have been busy updating the website with new work to keep you up to speed with the latest beauties from our Morgan Gaynin’s Artists!

Click through to see new works from…

Beppe Giacobbe


Philippe de Kemmeter


Anson Liaw


Judith Drews


Valeria Petrone


A Richard Allen


Thanks for taking a peek!

Interview with Josee Bisaillon

We are big fans of Josee Bisaillon’s joyful and engaging collage-based illustration, and were very happy to learn that Kathleen Temean was intrigued enough by her work to reach out to the artist and write about Josee in her wonderful blog. In particular, we are big fans of learning about an artist’s individual process, so this was a real treat!

You can check it out here.

Image by Josee Bisaillon:


Mermaid Fashion Show and the Return of Laura Tallardy

After a brief hiatus to work on a new coding language and app design, we are pleased as punch to announce to return of MGI veteran, Laura Tallardy. Laura, whose vivacious and emotive tween drawings have captivated us from the start, has been working hard to develop a new stylistic direction and a new body of work in the form of the Mermaid Fashion Show, which is now available at the Apple App Store.

The entire process, from creating dozens of illustrations, learning Lua (the latest language), programming, and submitting the app for approval, took over five months from start to finish. But the final product couldn’t possibly be any more charming, and Laura is now able to focus her attention on other facets of her illustration career once again.

Blogmistress Kate was eager to be one of the first to beta test the app, and would like to introduce you to her doppelganger, Princess Kate (a very clever name, of course):


You can click here to download the new program from the Apple Store, click here to learn more about the Mermaid Fashion show, and watch the demo video!

And welcome back, Laura!