Patti Mollica

Patti Mollica is known for her energetic brushwork and bold use of color. Varied illustration clients have included vineyards, corporations, magazines and licensors. She also enjoys an active gallery career. Collectors include Mellon Bank USA, Société Generale, and Sheraton Hotel as well as many private individuals who own her paintings and prints.

Patti is especially intrigued by capturing the hidden beauty in the urban environment, its architecture, geometric angles and vivid colors. “Crisscrossed lacework of exposed iron girders, ventilation ducts that gracefully meander up the sides of old factories, gaudy multicolored graffiti…this is my idea of a beautiful landscape.”

Edward Hopper has proved to be a strong influence on Patti’s work. For some years Patti’s studio was in Hopper’s boyhood home in Nyack, New York. As Hopper often did, Patti spends summers painting en plein air, portraying the homes and buildings of their mutual home town.