Carlo Stanga lives and works in Milan and Berlin. After studying art and becoming a successful freelance illustrator, Carlo chose to further his education as an architectural student at Politechnic of Milan. He went on to collaborate with the premier Italian designer Bruno Munari and attend both Scuola del Fumet and The Domus Academy in Milan.

Since 2002, Carlo has been working with various agencies in Europe and exhibiting artworks in Paris, Tai Pei, Milan and Turin. Some of his clients include: Lufthansa, Goethe Institute, L’Espresso, New York MTA, Nestlé, and Moleskine.

Today, Carlo’s work combines his dual loves of architecture and decorative illustration. This distinctive style continually wins Italian Illustration awards and the work has been selected by The American Illustration Annual and 3×3 in the U.S. In 2009 Carlo also won the Gold Medal Award in Creative Quarterly’s #15 contest.

In 2015 he wrote and illustrated “ I am Milan”, the first title of a new book collection, dedicated to the main cities of the world, and the coloring book “The wandering City,” both published by Moleskine.




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