Introducing: TUTORMILL!

We received an email last night with a really innovative idea, and I have been so eager to share it with you. The talented trio of Gary Taxali, Thomas Fuchs, and Robert Zimmerman joined forces a few months ago to design a phenomenal online enhancement tool for students and emerging illustrators.

After some beta testing, the brand spanking new Tutormill is now up and running. Tutormill is an “online illustration mentorship program that offers students courses in various disciplines of illustration,” and features an impressive array of top-notch professional illustrators as mentors. With a focus on enhancing formal education (no competition here, jack!), industry experts will ultimately help students and emerging illustrators with their portfolios during a 3 or 6 week course with a specific focus – editorial, book jacket, portrait, etc.

At an incredibly reasonable rate of $300, this is going to be an invaluable tool for a lot of up and comers. Be sure to take a look!

Get a-head! (image by Dave Calver)