Susan GalSusan Gal began her illustration career as a poster and calendar artist in Los Angeles and then became an ‘in-betweener’ (the artist who fills in movements between key frames in animation) for Disney Animation Florida. Although she loved the Disney years in Florida, her California’s home beckoned. Susan returned to the Bay Area where she happily creates lively, textural and whimsical illustrations. When not illustrating, Susan enjoys biking, backpacking, and hiking to really high places with her husband and daughter.



“Day by Day” American Illustration 32, 2013

“Day by Day” Society of Illustrators Original Art Show, 2012

“Into the Outdoors” 3×3 Picture Book Show 9, 2012

“Market” American Illustration 30, 2011

“Please Take me for a Walk” Society of Illustrators Original Art Show, 2010

“Night Lights” California Book Awards, 2010 Creative Quarterly 16, 2009

“Summer in San Francisco” Creative Quarterly 17, 2009

“Sprinkler” Creative Quarterly 17, 2009

“There Goes Jimmy” Creative Quarterly 17, 2009

“Ice Cream Animals” Creative Quarterly 16, 2009

“Airport” Creative Quarterly 16, 2009

“Jump Rope” Creative Quarterly 16, 2009