New Conceptual Title from Guido Scarabottolo

Guido Scarabottolo’s award-winning conceptual work engages and intrigues. Compelling and mysterious, he has a knack for distilling images to their simplest components while celebrating the absurd. And in his latest title, published by La Grande Illusion, he has taken his unique vision to new heights.

Image by Guido Scarabottolo:


Guido charmingly describes his new book as being “only for extremely sophisticated readers or total illiterates. It is a book about writing, reading, drawing, thinking, and traveling.” Indeed, it is a book about life experiences – and reality is often subject to interpretation. Perhaps that is how he arrived at this incredibly clever and novel idea.

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Yes, you are “reading” that correctly – no text! Yet the pages remain undeniably intriguing. Guido has wowed us once again with this surreal approach.