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Valeria Petrone Recognized for New Children’s Title

Valeria Petrone is pleased to announce that her illustrations for “Abitare Sottosopra, un Parco di Notte” and “Tilda e la Luna” have received the ‘distinguished merit’ and ‘merit’ awards, respectively, from the 3×3 Magazine Picture Book Annual – wonderful!

Valeria’s strong graphic work appeals to adults and children alike, but there’s no ignoring the fact that the “cute factor” is totally maxed out in her adorable picturebooks.

Sometimes it’s best to let the art speak for itself….congratulations, Valeria!

Images by Valeria Petrone:



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Carlo Stanga Featured in 3×3

Carlo Stanga’s intricate architectural drawings have been garnering him quite a bit of attention lately! Recently, they caught the discriminating eye of Charles Hively, editor and publisher of 3×3 Magazine, who tapped Carlo for a Showcase spread in the current issue.

The pieces include this award-winning piece which was commissioned by the MTA (and will be on view throughout our great city until mid-October):


And these two stylized gems:



René Milot on 3×3’s Illonine Cover!

When we first saw Rene Milot‘s scary bunny image commissioned by the Cirque de Soleil, our reaction was to run for the hills! But we made ammends when this fierce fellow hopped onto the cover of the new 3×3 Illonine Directory of Illustration. Every artist included in the directory was personally chosen to participate by the publisher, Charles Hively. What an honor for Rene’s furry warrior to be selected as the sentry for this year’s beautiful presentation which also includes 40 pieces by MGI artists.