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Sky Arts Names their Landscape Artist of the Year

For the last several years, A. Richard Allen has been tucked away in his studio and hard at work. After years of building a successful career as a commercial illustrator, he found himself itching for a change and ready to embrace the next challenge. Interestingly, this period of growth revolved around reconnecting with one of his first loves – oil painting – and this personal creative journey was recently rewarded in a rather unique way: by competing on a UK television show and walking away with the grand prize.

Image by A. Richard Allen:

A. Richard Allen, "Petworth Lower Pond"


As Richard explains it, “The show, Landscape Artist of the Year 2016, (on Sky Arts in the UK and to be shown at some point in 2017 in the US and Australia) pits seven artists against each other over four hours to paint a particular view. Winners from these six heats plus one Wildcard made it through to the semi-final. From there three progressed into the final and did an additional commission piece in the meantime. This piece along with the final four hour piece was used in judging the winner. And that, friends, was me.”

That was him!

Particularly when we consider the fact that Richard was ultimately exploring and developing a new voice and direction, his jump was a bold one. “From not exhibiting my work in any meaningful way over the last four years of painting to taking part in a series of timed, judged, competitive challenges, all the time being filmed for TV, was perhaps a little perverse. Particularly as conventional landscapes and painting en plein air simply haven’t been part of my practice.”

Images by A. Richard Allen:

Aberdulais 2 (2016) Aberdulais 1 (2016)

But happily, he not only made it out alive, but also with a wonderful affirmation of his work. As a condition of winning, he undertook a commission for the National Trust of the Petworth House, which is also home to an outstanding collection including pieces by Turner, Gainsborough, Bosch, Claude, and Titian. This lead rather notably to the estate’s offer to exhibit his work starting March 25, 2017.

“Fortune favors the bold,” they say – well that certainly seems to be the case today. Congratulations, Richard, on this tremendous accomplishment and adventure!

Image by A Richard Allen:


Stowen, Margate, Urquhart Castle, Aberdulais, A Richard's original entry A. Richard Allen at work

“Apes A-Go-Go!,” Illustrated by A. Richard Allen, Announces its US Invasion!

“Apes A-Go-Go!,” the catchy title from avant garde fashion designer-turned-author Roman Milisic and our very own A. Richard Allen, has been receiving warm praise in the UK for its endearing and wacky narrative.

But our furry friends cannot be contained! No no – in fact, they will be headed stateside, where they will be gracing the shelves of children everywhere. You have been forewarned!

Knopf/Random House has picked up this fun title and is very excited to be releasing it in July. Moreover, we are delighted that the news is spreading quickly, as Kirkus gave “Apes A-Go-Go” a very nice review, which you can read here.

Congratulations, Richard! We can’t wait to see this book on our local shelves!


Updated Portfolios

Vicki and Gaby have been busy updating the website with new work to keep you up to speed with the latest beauties from our Morgan Gaynin’s Artists!

Click through to see new works from…

Beppe Giacobbe


Philippe de Kemmeter


Anson Liaw


Judith Drews


Valeria Petrone


A Richard Allen


Thanks for taking a peek!

And the Winners Are…

Ladies and gentlemen, the Society of Illustrators has announced the winners for its 53rd exhibition, and Morgan Gaynin is excited to announce that we have had a number of our artists included this year!

To start off, let’s begin with two artists that are being included for the very first time – Pete Ryan and Carlo Stanga!

Pete Ryan’s conceptual piece from Las Vegas Weekly has been accepted into the editorial category:


And Carlo Stanga’s stunning MTA poster has been accepted into the institutional category:

carlomtaCongratulations, gentlemen! We are certain that we will see your work at the Society many times to come.

Additionally, we are pleased to share that Beppe Giacobbe has had two pieces accepted. ‘N’Drangheta’ will be featured in the editorial show:


and ’20 Years’ has been accepted into the institutional category:


A. Richard Allen had his book cover and the interior for “Bratt Farrar” accepted into the sequential category:


Steven Tabbutt’s ‘Dogwood’ from his recent ABC book has been accepted into the book category:


Rene Milot’s mysterious gentleman has been accepted into the advertising category:


And John Thompson’s image ‘One Cow’ has been accepted in unpublished:


Congratulations to all!

Charles Hively Visits with A. Richard Allen

Here is a picture of A. Richard Allen (right) during his visit with Charles Hively and Sarah Munt of 3×3 Magazine during their recent trip to London. They invited Richard along with a few other local artists for a wine and cheese get-together. You can read more about Charles’s and Sarah’s experiences in France and Great Britain on the 3×3 Blog, however we were particularly interested in their observations about illustration education gleaned from six lecture tours at art colleges throughout the UK.


Anson Liaw Goes to Hollywood!

MGI’s Anson Liaw recently took a trip to Los Angeles to participate in the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles Illustration West 47 show. His energetic drawings for the Mercatto Restaurant, located in Toronto, looked fantastic on SILA’s walls:

And A. Richard Allen’s multi-award winner “The Wire” was also on display:

It seems fair to assume that, after we enjoyed Anson’s upbeat and charismatic attitude at the American Illustration party in NYC last year, that he had another wonderful time in L.A.

Congratulations, gentlemen!


Morgan Gaynin Takes over at the Society!

New York is one of the centers of the illustration world, and some of the most exciting events we get to attend are at the Society of Illustrators. A phenomenal museum of American Illustration by day, the Society hosts a series of galas and award shows throughout the year to celebrate the top illustrators working in the field.

Last week, we were pleased to attend the Advertising, Institutional, and Noncommissioned show. It’s a delight to see our artists’ originals grace the walls, and a great opportunity to catch up with pals and colleagues!

Here we see Gail with Bob Pastore, advertising sales mogul for the Workbook:

And here’s Gail again, with Jami Giovanopoulos, VP extraordinaire of Theispot:

Vicki and Gail take a moment to pose by Rene Milot’s killer bunny:


Killer Bunny!

Valeria Petrone:

A. Richard Allen:

Katherine Dunn:

Keith and I had a fabulous time as well, but have ultimate pictorial veto power. Please just take our word for it.

Society of Illustration Annual Winners!

A big congrats to all the winners in this year’s SI annual!  René Milot and Valeria Petrone were accepted into the Advertising section, Beppe Giacobbe got an image into the Book category, Katherine Dunn and Valeria both got images in Institutional, A. Richard Allen was accepted for the Uncommissioned, a sequence of portraits of Criss Angel by René Milot and several images from Zina Saunders’ “The Party’s Over” political book made it to the sequential category.

A round of applause for everyone!

3×3 Pro Show Winners Announced!

3×3 recently released their list of winners to include not one, not two but THIRTEEN Morgan Gaynin artists!

Congratulations to Lisa Adams, Patti Mollica, Joanie Schwarz, Beppe Giacobbe, Katherine Dunn, Carlo Stanga, Steven Tabbutt, A. Richard Allen, Guido Scarabottolo, Don Kilpatrick, Sally Vitsky, Valeria Petrone and Zina Saunders!! We love you all!!