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Welcome to Suplex City

ALE+ALE traded their romantic European digs for something a bit more sinister while working on one of our favorite projects from 2016, the inimitable “Suplex City” – home of WWE® 2K17 and the latest addition to the flagship WWE video game franchise.

Image by ALE+ALE:

ALE+ALE: Suplex City intro

Showcasing the ALE’s more ominous side, the atmospheric artwork for Suplex City creates a chilling environment for wrestling fans to engage with their favorite heroes and antiheroes. Per their press release, “WWE 2K17 delivers an unprecedented combination of authenticity, realism and action-packed gameplay in a WWE video game experience, including the largest roster of WWE and NXT Superstars in franchise history”. It was pretty exciting to be involved with something of this magnitude.

Images by ALE+ALE:

Welcome to Suplex City! 02 park - FINAL 03 shopping district - FINAL 04 financial district - FINAL 05 industrial district END - FINAL

While we are excited to share the images with you here, it goes without saying that you should allow yourself a moment to explore this remarkably detailed and atmospheric environment. Just click here – and don’t forget the way back home.

An ALE+ALE Animation…Sacré Bleu!

ALE+ALE’s surrealist collage imagery is simply the perfect fit for French band Les Fouteurs de Joie, as you can see in their awesome music video “Amputez-moi d’une Fleur.” Undoubtedly, the ALEs distinctive style lent the animation a certain je ne sais quoi

Cliquez-ici to see this wonderful little gem!


ALE+ALE for Le Monde

ALE+ALE were recently asked to use their incredible collage skills to illustrate two pieces for the respected French publication “Le Monde”. Covering coveted awards within the French university system, their energetic work was perfect for capturing the excitement of research and discovery.




ALE + ALE Images are Sprouting Up Everywhere

We recently announced our partnership with surrealist collage masters ALE + ALE, and as we strategize how to position their work for the American Market, it is so fun to see their new portfolios popping up.

Those that are familiar with our company know that we appreciate working with the Ispot and the Workbook, so we are very pleased that they were eager to be featured in these terrific venues.

Please take a look at their new Ispot portfolio here, and don’t forget to mosey on over to the Workbook by clicking here!