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The Morgan Gaynin Weekly Roundup

There are lots of exciting tidbits to share at MGI, so we hope that you’ll excuse our use of the ’roundup’ format – but surely this is a nice problem to have.

Anson Liaw’s conceptual illustrations have been featured in InPrint Magazine this month, featured alongside a short article about the artist and his distinctive views on the role of good illustration. You can take a peek at this terrific collection of Anson’s work here.

But that’s not all! Anson has also learned that his piece, entitled “Help Japan,” has been selected for the “Project Sunshine for Japan”  poster design show. Also destined for publication, the 100 pieces will be on display in Dusseldorf, Germany, December 1st.

“Help Japan,” by Anson Liaw:


Lisa Adams’s whimsical character designs for the children’s picture book series “The Adventures of Wil and T,” written by CJ Connolly, has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products, and services by the “Mom’s Choice Awards”. Congratulations, Lisa! Beginning with “Wil, Fitz, and a Flea Named T,” the series has gone on to publish 5 charming titles.

Spread from “The Bad Enchilada,” by Lisa Adams:


And last but certainly not least, we were delighted to see these wonderful skin designs from Judith Drews. Created with ‘Paste’ in Argentina, the simple designs lend so much sweetness to some of our most commonly used gadgets.

Skin designs by Judith Drews:



Anson Liaw Contributes to Exhibition at SVA

Anson Liaw’s articulate imagery is capable of communicating multiple complex ideas simultaneously, and his recent contribution to the exhibition “Where Is My Vote? Posters for the Green Movement in Iran” proves to be a fantastic example:


This compelling collection of imagery will be on display at SVA until September 25th, with a reception being held tomorrow, September 16th, from 6 to 8 pm. Please come out and support Anson, as well as other artists, that are proud to unite in support of the people of Iran.

You can also click here to watch author, design historian, and MFA Design Department  co-chair Steven Heller discussing this important exhibition.

Anson Liaw Goes Green

This September, the School of Visual Arts here in New York will hold an important exhibition entitled “Where is My Vote: Posters for the Green Movement in Iran”. Organized by Steven Heller, Woody Pirtle, Anita Kunz, and Francis Di Tommaso, the event will feature over 150 posters from various artists that answered the Iranian Artist “Green Bird’s” call to create imagery in support of the Green Movement in Iran.

And who should be featured, but our very own Anson Liaw! You can see his piece, along with the others, here at SocialDesignZine.


Anson Liaw Update

Anson Liaw has updated us regarding his “Music by Women” image. We recently announced that it had been accepted for inclusion into the 2010 Xto Image Awards, but it turns out that the piece has finished 2nd and 3rd place in two different illustration categories!

The Xto Image Awards Exhibition will be held at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, from April 1-7, with an opening reception on the 3rd from 7-10 pm. Congratulations Anson!


Anson Liaw Featured on Xto

Anson Liaw’s ‘lyrical’ image has recently been selected for the Xto Image Awards! The Xto Team, which consists of passionate illustration and photography devotees, promotes the creative visualization of the human form. You can take a look at their website here to view Anson’s and other figurative pieces.


Anson Liaw Exhibiting at Illustration West 48

The Morgan Gaynin presence at the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators has gotten even bigger! Congratulations to Anson Liaw, who recently learned that he will be exhibited at the SILA Illustration West 48 Show. His winning piece, “Music by Women,” is a fine example of his superimposed concepts and distinctive energy.


Creative Quarterly 17

Our esteemed friends and colleagues over at Creative Quarterly have honored an array of Morgan Gaynin artists for their 17th installment. Congratulations to our winners Josee Bisaillon, Susan Gal, Beppe Giacobbe, Don Kilpatrick, and Anson Liaw!

Josee Bisaillon:


Susan Gal:


Beppe Giacobbe:


Don Kilpatrick:


Anson Liaw:




Additional congrats go to our wonderful runners-up Dave Calver, Susan Gal, Beppe Giacobbe, Don Kilpatrick,  and Anson Liaw. How exciting that so many got multiple pieces in!

Dave Calver:



Susan Gal:



Beppe Giacobbe:


Don Kilpatrick:



Anson Liaw:


MGI Artists Featured in Commarts and Luerzer’s!

Morgan Gaynin has a wonderful presence in both Communication Arts and Luerzer’s 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide! We are thrilled that these prestigious publications have recognized members of our group once again.

Anson Liaw had two images accepted into this year’s Luerzer’s:



Steven Tabbutt’s atmospheric piece is also included:


Valeria Petrone did had 5 of her United Airlines images featured prominently in Communcation Arts’:






She also had this charming (and oh-so-true) image included:


Rene Milot’s glorious pieces for the Cincinnati Opera prove to be quite arresting:



Katherine Dunn’s emotive beauty stands proud:


And a terrific conceptual piece of Beppe Giacobbe’s is also on display:


Congratulations to all!

American Illustration Announces Winners

American Illustration just announced its winners, and Morgan Gaynin is pleased to have seen a number of its illustrators included once again!

Featured in the Book is…why are we not surprised?…Rene Milot’s screaming rabbit. How many awards and acceptances does this make for our furry friend???

*Update-Guido Scarabottolo has also had two images accepted into the book!

And once again, MGI has a formidable presence in the On Line Gallery.

Shannon Brady had two of his complex images accepted:

Valeria Petrone’s little lovers will be featured:

Steven Tabbutt has two surrealist beauties:

Josee Bisaillon hopped onto this U.S. scene (extra congrats-this is her first award in the States!):

Lisa Adams’s intimidating doberman will have an imposing presence himself:

Perhaps Laurie Lafrance’s moody man will cheer up with the new accolade:

And Anson Liaw’s “cheeky” piece will also be on view:

Congratulations to all!


Anson Liaw Goes to Hollywood!

MGI’s Anson Liaw recently took a trip to Los Angeles to participate in the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles Illustration West 47 show. His energetic drawings for the Mercatto Restaurant, located in Toronto, looked fantastic on SILA’s walls:

And A. Richard Allen’s multi-award winner “The Wire” was also on display:

It seems fair to assume that, after we enjoyed Anson’s upbeat and charismatic attitude at the American Illustration party in NYC last year, that he had another wonderful time in L.A.

Congratulations, gentlemen!