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3×3 Announces Carlo Stanga as a Winner

3×3 Magazine has been sharing the results of their recent competition (would you believe that they are up to annual number 14?!), and Carlo Stanga is proud to announce that his recent title, “I am London,” is a winner in the Picture Book Show.

“I am London,” by Carlo Stanga:


This beautiful book – written and illustrator by Carlo – celebrates the energy, history, and distinct personality of this wonderful city.

Congratulations, Carlo!

Carlo Stanga’s Wall Street Journal Debut

For our artists that work in the editorial realm, there are a few publications that are perpetually on our “dream client” list. We were so excited when the Wall Street Journal asked Carlo Stanga to create an energetic lead image for their piece “The World According to Google” – and how perfect that it focused on Berlin, the city that Carlo calls home:

Image by Carlo Stanga:

Carlo Stanga for the Wall Street Journal

Noone captures the excitement and sophistication of the big city quite like Carlo does. Congratulations on this nice milestone!

“I am London” – New Book from Carlo Stanga

Using his trademark lines and attention to detail, Carlo Stanga breathes life into his images and delivers the energy of the city. How fitting that he was chosen to illustrate the recent title “I am London” – a celebration of the city’s iconic architecture and distinctive character.

Cover image for “I am London,” by Carlo Stanga:


Packed with nuance, humor, and sophistication, “I am London” is guaranteed to suck the viewer in – we like to think of it as a “Where’s Waldo” for buildings.

You can pick up your own copy here, and congratulations, Carlo!

Images by Carlo Stanga:

88-pancrasl_new_iamlondon_low 56-trafalgar_low_iamlondon_thumb frontespizio_low_iamlondon 26-tower-bridge_low_iamlondon 70-piccadilly_100_iamlondon

American Illustration Winners

American Illustration has recently announced its latest crop of winners, and we are excited to share that some of our MGI’ers have been selected!

Victo Ngai:



Valeria Petrone:


Carlo Stanga:

4_VOLTE_IAMMILAN_carlo_stanga_low 5_CENTRALE_IAMMILANO_carlo_stanga

Congratulations! Thanks for making us proud.

Carlo Stanga’s Elaborate Maps Celebrated in New Book

For those that are not familiar with his background, it may come as no surprise that Carlo Stanga’s elaborately detailed illustrations have roots in architecture. This technical training surely informed his understanding of spatial relationships, and as a result, his stylized drawings are perfectly suited for creating distinctive maps.

Images by Carlo Stanga:



Recently, one of his gorgeous maps was included in the new book The Art of Illustrated Maps, and we were delighted to see it extracted for this nice review in Print Magazine. Author Jessica Farris explains:

“While literally hundreds of books exist on the subject of maps and cartography, The Art of Illustrated Maps is the first book ever to fully explore the art form of conceptual, “illustrated” mapping. Author, educator and map illustrator John Roman correlates not-to-scale maps as “the creative nonfiction of cartography,” and in this book he reveals how and why the human mind instinctively accepts the artistic license invoked in imaginative maps”.

Take a look at this great article here.

Carlo Stanga Tackles the Volkswagen Scandal

When Carlo Stanga recently sent along this incredible image for Italy’s “Il Venerdi di Repubblica,” the special Friday edition of the national paper, our jaws hit the floor. This is precisely the kind of work that made us so excited to collaborate with Carlo in the first place – dynamic, full of energy, and distinctly his.

We simply had to share!

Volkswagen Scandal

And don’t forget, you are always invited to check out more of his work here.

“I am Milan” – New Book from Carlo Stanga

Carlo Stanga’s stylized drawings occupy a distinctive place between architectural design, fine art, and illustration. They are more imaginative than a blueprint, but rooted in impeccable details and the scientific realities of engineering. They offer an energetic and narrative spin on the cities we live in – the cities that Carlo loves.

Ever-inspired by his surroundings, Carlo recently approached Moleskine with the idea to create a series of illustrated books about the places we call home – but from an extraordinary and personified point of view. In “I Am the City,” each title will introduce a different locale by referencing the local lifestyle and mood, in addition to the different monuments and other architectural characteristics that most define it. This series is not just an architectural homage, although it certainly tips its hat. Instead, it very rightly remembers that a city is a living and breathing entity – one that has a unique history, but continues to evolve and grow.

The series begins with “Milan,” which you may now preorder here, and will move on to publish a new title every year. We are so excited to join Carlo and Moleskine as they take us on these beautiful illustrated tours.

Congratulations to Carlo on this inspiring and exciting project!

cover-iammilan-bassa 6_PIAZZA-DUOMO_IAMMILAN_carlo_stanga_350 38_CORDUSIO_IAMMILAN_carlo_stanga 2_IAMMILAN_PRONTO 26_MONTENAPO_IAMMILAN_carlo_stanga

The Weekly MGI News Roundup

We have some lovely goodies to share with you this week!

We were so happy to learn that Victo Ngai was asked to illustrate a full page piece for the New Yorker – possibly one of the most coveted assignments in our industry. The illustration was to accompany a wonderful piece of fiction by Peter Stamm entitled “Sweet Dreams,” and Victo was asked to create an image about the two young protagonists, a couple in Switzerland. Take a peak on her blog to see sketches and to learn more about her interesting process.


We also received these awesome images from Carlo Stanga, who recently completed a fabulous campaign in his native Italy for the cheese manufacturer “Galbani.”  Here is a closeup of the work, which is classically Carlo:


And here we see the image in context, used in a huge advertisement next to a glorious gothic cathedral in Milan:


Finally, we wanted to take a moment to honor the life and work of Maurice Sendak, who sadly passed away this week. Sendak, who most famously penned the children’s classic “Where the Wild Things Are,” had an incredible influence on children’s literature, and he will be greatly missed. You can read more here.

image by Maurice Sendak:


MGI – Things are Movin’!

It is so exciting to see one’s work in motion for the first time, and we are very proud of Carlo Stanga who just sent over his very first animated piece. Way to go, Carlo! His clean linework and distinct vision enable this campaign to really grab the viewer, and we hope that the producers are pleased with how nicely it turned out.

Please oooh and aaah with us and take a peek here.

Image by Carlo Stanga:


And the Winners Are…

Ladies and gentlemen, the Society of Illustrators has announced the winners for its 53rd exhibition, and Morgan Gaynin is excited to announce that we have had a number of our artists included this year!

To start off, let’s begin with two artists that are being included for the very first time – Pete Ryan and Carlo Stanga!

Pete Ryan’s conceptual piece from Las Vegas Weekly has been accepted into the editorial category:


And Carlo Stanga’s stunning MTA poster has been accepted into the institutional category:

carlomtaCongratulations, gentlemen! We are certain that we will see your work at the Society many times to come.

Additionally, we are pleased to share that Beppe Giacobbe has had two pieces accepted. ‘N’Drangheta’ will be featured in the editorial show:


and ’20 Years’ has been accepted into the institutional category:


A. Richard Allen had his book cover and the interior for “Bratt Farrar” accepted into the sequential category:


Steven Tabbutt’s ‘Dogwood’ from his recent ABC book has been accepted into the book category:


Rene Milot’s mysterious gentleman has been accepted into the advertising category:


And John Thompson’s image ‘One Cow’ has been accepted in unpublished:


Congratulations to all!