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Gaby D’Alessandro – Fear of Flying

Gaby D’Alessandro recently hit an awesome milestone, and we are very excited to share her news – she has published her first piece for the New York Times!

Images by Gaby D’Alessandro:

Fear of Flying - New York Times Fear of flying

Tackling an interesting concept – a travel writer that copes with a fear of flying – Gaby’s subtle visual solution captures the author’s phobia beautifully.

Take a look at the article here, and congratulations, Gaby!

Gaby D’Alessandro’s Beautiful Botanicals in Padua

One of the most distinctive projects that we’ve seen in the last year undeniably went to Gaby D’Alessandro, who was selected by the oldest botanical garden in the world – the Botanical Garden of Padua, Italy – to create lush portraits of famous scientists for their biodiversity garden:

Images by Gaby D’Alessandro:


These wonderful images have been used as banners throughout the exhibition, and Gaby’s delicate botanicals and incredible attention to detail are made even more impressive by the large scale.

luciano-vettorato-02 Telmo-and-Stefano luciano-vettorato-01 Telmo-and-Stefano2

Clearly, the Morgan Gaynin team is in need of a field trip. But until then, we’ll simply have to settle and celebrate Gaby’s wonderful achievement here in New York.


Gaby D’Alessandro Accepted into Communication Arts

Gaby D’Alessandro’s lush portrait of Charles Darwin has garnered a lot of attention from clients – and we are thrilled to announce that the awards circuit is beginning to acknowledge this spectacular piece, as well:


Congratulations, Gaby, on your inclusion in the latest issue of Communication Arts!

Recognition for Gaby D’Alessandro

Gaby D’Alessandro’s intricate works often make us stop in our tracks – her subtle palette and gorgeous textures create lush images that we can’t help but get lost in. So it is with great enthusiasm that we are able to announce that this beautiful piece was recently “chosen” by Latin American Illustraciòn:

Image by Gaby D’Alessandro:


You can see the image featured in the Latin American Illustraciòn gallery.

And congratulations, Gaby!

3×3 Pro Show – Our Winners!

The illustrious 3×3 Pro Show has announced the medalists/winners/champions/heroes of their latest context, and we are very proud to announce that a few talented MGI’ers have been selected/chosen/appointed once again!

René Milot was awarded two “merits”:

RM-Merit-01 RM-Merit-02

 Gaby D’Alessandro was awarded an “honorable mention”:


Paul Garland also received an honorable mention: PG-HonorableMention

And two “merits”:

PG-Merit-01 PG-Merit-02

And last but not least, Valeria Petrone also took home a “merit”:


and – DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! – she was also awarded the GOLD MEDAL!


A huge congratulations to everyone, and also thank you – you always make us look so good!

Gaby D’Alessandro on NPR Blog

Gaby D’Alessandro’s recent inclusion in the 2014 NPR calendar was an exciting moment, as it is both a high profile gig AND a venue that enriches the artist’s own personal life. Her piece, which was used for the month of June, is stellar, and the work she put into it clearly demonstrates her admiration and appreciation for their programming:


NPR continues to honor and promote the contributing artists on their blog, and we were so happy to see this recent entry about Gaby.

Check it out!

Nice Acknowledgement for Gaby D’Alessandro

It’s always a treat when an email reaches us, boasting about a spectacular find – and it just so happens to be one of our artists!

Gaby D’Alessandro was one of the winners of the first Latin American Ilustración contest, and we were so happy when the newsletter “Dispatches from Latin America” reached our inboxes – the piece was even picked up by American Illustration and posted all over their social media! Describing Gaby’s work, education, inspirations and personal history, it’s a nice window into the talented young artist’s life.

Take a look here – and congratulations, Gaby!


Treasures of a Summer Night

Attention, New Yorkers! There will be a wonderful “Art Fest” tomorrow, Saturday July 28th, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The talented Gaby D’Alessandro will be showing off her latest illustrations and selling tote bags, greeting cards, prints, and magnets alongside her friends, jewelry designers Anabelle Colon and Hwayoung Cho. Among other things, this lovely event will be held at the Way Station, a notoriously cool ‘steampunk’ bar with a really distinctive atmosphere. Here is the write up:

I am pleased to invite you all to “Treasures of a Summer Night”, a Brooklyn art fest featuring jewelry designers Anabelle Colón and Hwayoung Cho, and illustrator Gabriella D’Alessandro. This collective of three young New York based artists warmly welcomes you to their jewelry and illustration exhibition on Saturday 28 July, from 4 to 7 p.m. The afternoon event will take place at the Way Station in Brooklyn, Prospect Heights: 638 Washington Avenue, http://waystationbk.blogspot.com/.

This art fest is not only an exhibition or fair, it will be a midsummer gathering in a jazz/burlesque bar setting. The hosts will be providing delicious appetizers, while the bar has happy hour the entire afternoon. For those people arriving between 4 and 5 p.m. (we hope all of you), there will be an early bird raffle where Anabelle, Hwayoung and Gabriella will each give away a piece to the luckiest person of the moment.

For those wanting to make it into a Brooklyn day and night, there are plenty of restaurants around for dining afterwards (The Spot, Amorina, Bar Corvo, etc). A live band, “The Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak” will play at the Way Station starting at 10 p.m.

In short, come and check out Anabelle, Hwayoung and Gabriella’s latest jewelry and illustration creations (you may find a piece you can’t resist for a loved one or yourself). If you haven’t done so, join us on Facebook for updates: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/427880657225186/. You are welcome to forward this invite, and to bring your friends.

Please join us in supporting this incredibly talented up-and-comer!