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Find the Differences – Laura Tallardy’s Latest App, Just in Time for Easter!

Laura Tallardy is excited to present her latest app, “Find the Differences – Easter Edition,” featuring classic artwork by children’s book artist Wendy Edelson.

Recently championed on the popular blog “Moms with Apps” (you can read it here), this charming puzzle game is an engaging challenge for children and adults alike. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in imagery as cute as this?


And now we get to the very best part, ladies and gentlemen: the app is FREE! Challenge those peepers and see if you’ve got what it takes in this game of bunnies, eggs, and all things spring.

Download it here.



Thanksgiving Puzzles for Kids – Laura Tallardy’s Latest App

Noone churns out the holiday hits quite like Laura Tallardy, and she’s back with her latest, “Thanksgiving Puzzles for Kids”!

This adorably animated puzzle game features fuzzy animals, autumnal settings, and of course the beloved Thanksgiving feast. Help the foraging squirrel collect acorns before the winter, jump into a pile of leaves, and grab a second helping of mashed potatoes – Thanksgiving Puzzles for Kids provides loads of fun and cheerful scenarios for you and your family!

Don’t be a total turkey – check it out!


Dress to Impress with Laura Tallardy!

Our resident sartorial expert Laura Tallardy has done it again, this time creating a bewitching dress up app that is *just* in time for Halloween!


Be the best mummy or daddy you can be and treat your little monster to some haunted Halloween fun. Monsters and witches and robots – oh my! You and your little ones will delight in the variety of fun and spooky combinations.

halloween-01 halloween-02

Take a look here to download Halloween Dress Up Costume Party – for FREE!

“Find the Difference” – Easter Madness with Laura Tallardy Apps

Laura Tallardy is back on the scene with a wonderful new addition to the app market, and it’s just in time for Easter! “Find the Differences: Easter Bunny Edition,” which has been illustrated by the very talented Wendy Edelson, is an adorable – and FREE! – app for children and adults alike. Take in the charming, vintage children’s book-inspired illustrations and indulge in yourself in this adorable challenge. You’ll be ‘hoppy’ you did.

Download it here!


Cool Careers Dress Up for Girls is Here!

Are you hustling to find a terrific stocking stuffer for the precocious little smarty pants in your life? Well, have no fear! Laura Tallardy has come to the rescue with the release of her newest app, “Cool Careers Dress Up for Girls,” an awesome new take on the traditional “dress up” app.

Progressive and stereotype-breaking,  Cool Careers Dress Up for Girls allows the user to create characters that are scientists, astronauts, doctors, race car drivers, and more. With a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and non-traditional jobs, the app encourages players to engage their creativity while broadening their horizons – simply put, it is a wonderful way to send a positive and inspiring girl-power message that any parent would love.

You can see the app in action here, and check out the website to learn more – and download!


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Laura Tallardy – Illustrator Extraordinaire, Animation Superstar, and Conqueror of Physics

The blogmistress is officially tipping her hat to the multi-talented Laura Tallardy – her recent blog post is indeed EPIC, with phenomenal explanations of the processes behind her latest project, “Princess Birthday Party Puzzles” – not to mention a fantastic collection of imagery and gifs to really give the reader a sense of how this massive project ultimately came together. WOW.

Take a look here for a really spectacular behind the scenes – you’ll be so happy that you did!



It seems like everyone has been overtaken by soccer football fever, and we thought that it might be fun to compile some game-related imagery by a few MGI artists who are always on the ball (SORRY!).

So let’s get started, shall we?? It’s game time, and we’d like to present, in no particular order…

Judith Drews:


Valeria Petrone:


Philippe de Kemmeter:





Guido Scarabottolo:


Maurizio Quarello:



Laura Tallardy:



Pete Ryan:PR-01

Anson Liaw:


Josée Bisaillon:


Thanks for having a little fun with us!

Spot the Differences – Laura Tallardy’s Latest App, Ready for the Holidays!

The talented Laura Tallardy is at it again! Our resident busybee is thrilled to announce that she’s just released her latest app “Find the Differences: Christmas Edition – Family Holiday Puzzle Game for Kids and Adults Illustrated by Wendy Edelson”. Woo!

Wendy Edelson’s elaborate and festive drawings are simply the perfect fit for this fun game – take a peek by clicking here and enjoy the free downloads for all of your I-devices, or come play with the Android version!


And happy holidays!!

Laura Tallardy Creates Exciting New App Article!

Laura Tallardy is stealing the blogmistress’s thunder!

She was recently asked to create a second article for Corona Labs’s blog, and this time the expert chose to focus on the art of collaboration. Laura’s energy and enthusiasm for her craft is evident throughout the piece, and it’s a fun read for those that are considering jumping into the app world.

Give it a read!

Image by Laura Tallardy:



Flower Fairies Ballet – the Latest App from Laura Tallardy

She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Laura Tallardy, our resident app guru, is proud to announce her latest creation, “Flower Fairies Ballet.” This is her second collaboration with developer Scott Adelman, and her fifth app overall – color us impressed, this young lady is simply unstoppable. Congratulations, Laura!

Those familiar with her work are surely acquainted with how darling her illustrations can be. So when the illustrator herself says that this latest work is “probably the cutest- lots of fairies, rainbows, flowers, confetti and sparkles in this one,” you know it’s going to be extra special!

Click here for a link to download 4 puzzles for free, and you can take a look at these adorable little ladies in action by clicking here.